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Rules applicable to all lectures announced by authorities under the supervision of the General Board

1. Except as provided in Rules 3 and 4, members of the University may attend any lectures announced by the authorities under the supervision of the General Board on payment of the appropriate fee.

2. Persons who are neither members of the University nor employed by the University are not allowed to attend any lectures or other courses of instruction announced by authorities under the supervision of the General Board (except such as are specifically stated to be open to the general public) unless they have received permission under the regulations for Admission to Lectures and Laboratories (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 164).

3. Payment of a University Composition Fee shall entitle a student without additional fee to attend any course of instruction within the University during term except lectures arranged by the Faculty Board of Clinical Medicine which are open to medical practitioners and clinical medical students only, and class-work and practical instruction not primarily intended for the examination or examinations for which the student is preparing. Attendance at any such courses will require the special permission of the General Board.

4. Each course of instruction is given primarily for the benefit of students preparing for examination in the subject concerned. If accommodation is limited, provision shall be made first for such students; others shall be permitted to attend only if accommodation is available. Chairmen of Faculty Boards and Heads of Departments may, either on the recommendation of the Lecturer concerned or on their own initiative, exclude on grounds of space students other than those for whom the particular course is primarily intended.

5. The authority announcing a course shall decide for which examination or examinations it is primarily intended and whether it shall count as lectures, class-work, or practical instruction.

6. Deposits may be charged by Departments to cover the cost of breakages or loss of equipment on loan. A student may also be required to pay for abnormal supplies of materials.

7. University Composition Fees vary according to the status of the student concerned and the course of study. Details are given in Statutes and Ordinances, p. 167.

8. A member of the University who is not liable to pay a University Composition Fee and for whom no provision is made in any other regulation, but who has been given permission by the General Board to attend a course of instruction, shall pay a fee of such amount for each term or year as shall be determined by the General Board from time to time; provided that a graduate of the University who is not reading for a University examination may attend without payment any lectures announced in the Reporter by a Faculty Board with the approval of the General Board as being available to such a person.

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Cambridge University Reporter Special 8, 10 January 2003
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