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Joint Report of the Council and the General Board on revision of the regulations governing payments additional to stipend in respect of administrative responsibility: Notice

3 June 2002

The Council have considered the remarks made by Dr G. R. Evans at the Discussion of this Report on 30 April 2002 (Reporter, p. 748). They have consulted the General Board and have agreed to comment as follows.

The Council note that Dr Evans did not query the payments for administrative responsibility, which is the subject of this Report, but rather the burden of work in this respect that was expected of academic officers. The Council and the General Board wish to reiterate that revision of the current regulations is essential if the necessary authority is to be in place for making payments additional to stipend to University officers for administrative work, over and above what may be reasonably required under their contract of employment, on a more comprehensive and flexible basis. The Report also refers to further development of existing additional payment schemes that may be necessary within the framework of authority that will be provided by the revised regulations.

The Council, with the concurrence of the General Board, are accordingly submitting a Grace (Grace 5, p. 906) to the Regent House for the approval of the recommendations in the Report.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 12 June 2002
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