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Second M.B. Examination (Revised Regulations), 2003: Notice

The Faculty Board of Biology, and the Faculty Board of Clinical Medicine, give notice that, with effect from the examination in 2002-03, the form of the examination for Preparing for Patients B (PFPB) for the Second M.B. Examination (Revised Regulations), will be changed as follows:

Preparing for Patients B(PFPB)

Four workbook tasks (of no more in total than two sides of A4 paper using 12-point font and single line spacing) will be required. These will be based on the hospital visits arranged for candidates for Part IB of the Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos in either the Long Vacation before the start of the Part IB course or in the Christmas Vacation of the course. Workbooks should be handed in to the Department of Pathology reception by 12 noon on the second Friday of the Full Term following the vacation in which the hospital visits took place. The tasks will explore the student's ability to understand the patient's experience of illness and disease; relate the patient's experience to underlying core science relevant to medicine; and reflect on their experience of medical interviewing. Students will be supported in this activity by a course guide, pro formas, and interview checklists. Two copies of each workbook task will be submitted, one to be returned to the student along with formative feedback, the other to be retained as evidence of satisfactory attendance and completion of the programme objectives. A satisfactory overall rating of the workbook tasks and attendance on the course is a necessary condition for successful completion of the Second M.B. Examination.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 9 May 2002
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