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Bachelor of Theology for Ministry, 2002

The Faculty Board of Divinity give notice that, with effect from the examination in 2002, the form of the examination for the Bachelor of Theology for Ministry will be changed as follows:

Paper 4. New Testament Greek.

The examination for this paper will contain:

(i) Several passages for translation and for exegetical comment from the prescribed chapters. Candidates will be asked to justify their translation of specified words and phrases with reference to grammatical form and function;
(ii) An unseen passage for translation;
(iii) A question asking candidates to assess alternative translations of several short passages taken from the prescribed chapters.

Paper 19. Biblical interpretation and authority.

Candidates who choose to be assessed by two-hour examination will be required to attempt two questions out of at least six. Candidates will be supplied with unmarked NRSV Bibles but will not be required to show greater precision in Biblical references as a result of the availability of Bibles.

Candidates who choose to be assessed by one 3,000-word essay will be required to select the title from a list approved by the Faculty Board.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 28 November 2001
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