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Newnham College

The following elections and appointments have been made with effect from 1 October 2001 unless otherwise stated:
Elected into a Fellowship in Category A:

Clarissa de Waal, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Kate Fleet, Ph.D.

Diana Lipton, Ph.D.

Deirdre Scadden, B.Sc., Ph.D.

Elected into a Senior Research Fellowship:

Romola Davenport, Ph.D.

Elected into a Research Fellowship:

Eugenia Cheng, B.A.

Nathalie Seddon, M.A. (with effect from 1 January 2002)

Hannah Smith, B.A., M.Phil.

Elected into an Emeritus Fellowship:

Sarah Corbet, M.A., Ph.D. (with effect from May 2001)

Elected into a Bye-Fellowship:

Yasmin Haskell, Ph.D. (with effect from April 2001)

Appointed French Lectrice:

Lauriane Hillion, M.Phil.

Elected into a Visiting Bye-Fellowship:

Janys Scott, M.A. (Easter Term 2002)

Professor Noriko Yui, B.Sc., Ph.D. (Easter Term 2002)

Elected into a Ruth Cohen Schoolteacher Fellowship:

Pamela Hardy, B.A., P.G.C.E., M.A. (Lent Term 2002)

Jennifer Stewart, B.Sc., P.G.C.E. (Easter Term 2003)


The following awards have been made during 2000-2001:


Mary Anne Ewart Research Studentship: Allen, C., Richardson, J.
Edith Harland Research Studentship: Galtrey, C., Sarginson, P.
Marion Kennedy Research Studentship: Bina, O., Buttery, H., Jawad, Z.
Pelham Roberts Research Studentship: Khalidi, L.

Graduate Scholarship:

Dorothy Stevenson Scholarship: Ruppel, A., Wishart, A.
Caroline Turle Scholarship: Smith, J., Spark, A., Wiggs, N., Zerbes, S.

Fourth-Year Scholarships:

Emily Rigby Scholarship: Valentine, S.

Third-Year Scholarships:

Beard Scholarship: Guerra-Arias, L., Roberts, T., Taylor, S.
Alma Blakeman-Jones Scholarship: Breitenbach, A.
Mathilde Blind Scholarship: Harman, R., Welch, A.
Helen Gladstone Scholarship: Street, A., Wilson, J.
Mary Stevenson Scholarship: Wayne, J.

Second-Year Scholarships:

Birmingham Scholarship: Bertram, J.,
Helen Gladstone Scholarship: Stanwell, J.
Attia Hosain Scholarship: Leong, W.A.
Mabel Knight Scholarship: Burgess, G., Low, L.P., von Preussen, T.
Mary Sparke Scholarship: Antypas, I., Cobb, A., Heyer, M., Richardson, E.,Waylen, K.
Winkworth Scholarship: Curtis, K., Mansour, D., Wong, J.


Lucy Adrian Prize: Burgess. G.
Jane Dora Archibald Prize: Low, L.P., Zerbes, S.
Balfour Prize: Hodgetts, T., Koh, L.W., Wright, K.
Marion Greenwood Bidder Prize: Galtrey, C., Valentine, S.
Agnes Cann Memorial Prize: Allen, L., Barrow, E., Spiker, R., Vamvanij, A
Charlton Prize: Rosen, N.
Anne Jemima Clough Prize: Antypas, I., Bertram, J., Breitenbach, A., Brown, C., Burgess, G., Chapman, K., Cobb, A., Curtis, K., Gilheany, S., Guerra-Arias, L. Harman, R., Heyer, M., Jackson, D., Leong, W.A., Mansour, D., Maresh, K., Mohr-Pietsch, S., Pasi, P., Pearce, E., Pickett, N., Richardson, E., Spark, A., Stanwell, J., Street, A., Tan, D., Taylor, S., Trodd, Z., von Preussen, T., Wakeling, C., Wallach, H., Waylen, K., Wayne, J., Welch, A., Williams, H., Wilson, J., Wishart, A., Wong, J., Wright, J.
Blanche Athena Clough Prize: Cluer, J.
Ruth Cohen Memorial Prize: Ghosh, D.
Creighton Memorial Prize: Berger, M., Hughes, J., Mohr-Pietsch, S., Quest-Ritson, M.,
Stoy, L., Wishart, A.
Myra Curtis Prize: Wakeling, C.
Muriel Edwards Prize: Fuentenebro, M
Ida Freund Memorial Prize: Ford, E., Herring, L.
Margaret Gardner Prize: Fern, E., Kirwin, L., White, P.
Gladstone Memorial Prize: Hale, J.
Goodhart Memorial Prize: Clemens, S.
Laurie Hart Memorial Prize: Ostanina, T., Wallach, H.
Joyce Hogan Prize: Richardson, J.
Mary Johnson Prize: Clark, G.
Effie Marshall Prize: Billling, R.
L M Mott Prize: Nissanke, S., Roberts, T.
Helena Powell Prize: Palmer, G.
Eleanor Purdie Prize: Materassi, L., Newton, K.
Hilda Richardson Prize: Barrow, E., Hughes, J., Ruppel, A.
Eleanor Sidgwick Memorial Prize: Eggington, R., Ling, J., Looker, K., Poyner, H., Spellman, R., Turnbull, M., Wang, Y-A.
Dorothy Forster Sturman Prize: Crowhurst, J.
Lorna Mary Swain Prize: Hall, K., Leong, W.A., Wong, J.
Caroline Turle Prize: Ambrose, M., Hodgetts, T., James, F., Koh, L.W., Wright, K.
Dr Ethel Williams Prize: Lyon, L., Smith, J..


Letitia Chitty Award: Tayal, A.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 3 October 2001
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