Botanic Garden (2000-01)Director, Botanic Garden, Cory Lodge, Bateman Street.
ESRC Centre for Business Research (2000-01)Director ESRC Centre for Business Research, Austin Robinson Building, Sidgwick Avenue.
Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics (2001-02)Director, Keynes House, Trumpington Street.
Committee for interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (2001)Executive Secretary, CIES Office, Department of Geography, Downing Place.
Language Centre (2001-02)Executive Director, Language Centre, Lecturte Block A, Sidgwick Avenue.
Scott Polar Research Institute (2001)Director, Scott Polar research Institute, Lensfield Road.
Centre of South Asian Studies (2000-01)Director, Centre of South Asian Studies, Laundress Lane.
The Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research Institute of Cancer and Developmental Biology (2001)Chairman, Wellcome and Cancer Research Institute, Tennis Court, Road.

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