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Approved for degrees, diplomas, and certificates

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

M. A. Carpenter, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., M

P. E. Reynolds, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., M

R. W. Whatmore, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., CAI

Doctor of Letters

R. M. MacLeod, Ph.D., CHU

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the Special Regulations for proceeding to the degree)

F. Salmon, DOW

T. C. F. Stunt, SID

M. Thompson, CC

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

I. Achebe, T. Religion and politics in Igboland from the 18th century to 1930: earth, God and power

M. Adomenas, PET. Nature in flux: Plato's reception of presocratic theories

K. Ahilan, W. Superconductivity on the border of itinerant ferromagnetism in UGe2

S. Ahmed, CLH. Understanding the use and reuse of experience in engineering design

M. Anand, JN. Tectono-magmatic evolution of the intra-cratonic Cuddapah Basin, India

A. Atherton, CAI. Structural recognition of IgG by the herpes simplex virus type 1 FC receptor

M. I. Baxter, LC. Human remains from the British Neolithic: a taphonomic perspective

K. J. Belzar, DAR. The allosteric activation of antithrombin by heparin

B. Boonstra, TH. A study of bacterial soluble pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenases

J. J. Boyle, W. Effects of macrophages on vascular smooth muscle cell survival in vitro

R. N. Cardinal, JN. Neuropsychology of reinforcement processes in the rat

N. Cica, CAI. Abortion law in Australia

T. Corsellis, K. The selection of sites for temporary settlements for forced migrants

M. J. Coster, EM. Total synthesis of the protected seco-acid of spongistatin 1

A. P. Davison, K. Mathematical modelling of information processing in the olfactory bulb

J. M. De Celis-Ibeas, CHU. Identification of new targets of the notch signalling pathway

F. de Giuli, DAR. Heart failure in the community and in hospitals: selection and survival of patients in different settings

L. M. Delage-Toriel, N. Ultraviolet darlings: representations of women in Nabokov's prose fiction

D. G. Dickinson, DAR. National identity and economic development: the workplace challenge project in the South African plastics industry

J. H. Durrell, JE. Critical current anisotropy in high temperature superconductors

I. Dutta, DOW. Molecular characterisation of vancomycin resistance in Enterococcus casseliflavus

T. P. Elias, K. Music and authorship in England 1575-1632

E. F. Emens, K. William Beckford: sexuality and reputation

J. T. Fensome, SID. The administrative history of National Service in Britain, 1950-1963

T. C. Galvão, NH. MeCP2 and its interaction with DNA and chromatin

C. K. Gan, JN. Towards first-principles calculations using localised spherical-wave basis sets

K. L. Gorringe, JE. Studies of genetic instability in breast and ovarian cancer

T. J. Grant, TH. The uses of animals in English early modern drama, 1558-1642

S. J. Grimshaw, CAI. The structure and interactions of the STE50 SAM domain

M. T. Gumal, DAR. Ecology and conservation of a fruit bat in Sarawak, Malaysia

S. Gustard, EM. Effect of physiological and methodological factors on fMRI measurement and reproducibility

J. J. Harr, Q. Listening to deaf children: exploring the involvement of pupils in the educational decision-making process

M. R. V. Heale, CAI. The dependent cells of the Benedictine monasteries of medieval England, 1066-1540

C. A. R. Herdeiro, DAR. Aspects of causality and flux branes in superstring theory

A. A. Hill, PET. German occupation policy and the effectiveness of the Soviet partisan movement as a military force 1941-1944 - the case of north-west Russia

Y. Horikane, DAR. Politics of bureaucracy: Korean economic policy making under the Park regime

N. P. A. S. Johnson, SID. Aspects of the historical geography of the 1918-19 influenza pandemic in Britain

T. E. Jones, PEM. Alexander Pope and the vocabulary of Augustan criticism

A. Keeler, W. Persian Sufism and Exegesis: Maybud's commentary on the Qur'an, the Kashf Al-Asrar

C-Y. Lai, F. Analysis and design of a deployable membrane reflector

Y. F. Lee, T. In vitro evolution of enzymes: selecting DNA cytosine-5 methyltransferases

J. J. Leifer, T. Operational congruences for reactive systems

P. C-H. Lim, CL. In pursuit of unity, purity and liberty: Richard Baxter's Puritan ecclesiology in context

D. Liswaniso, F. A study of pressure patterns beneath the saddle of riding horses using force sensing array (FSA) technology

A. R. Lupini, G. Aberration correction in STEM

R. Masih, W. Dynamic linkages between financial development and economic growth

N. Milotay, K. The social function of the women's periodical in late eighteenth-century Hungary and Germany (Uránia, 17-94-95 & Magazin für Frauenzimmer, 1782-91)

P. Möbius, TH. Working memory and second language comprehension

J. D. Moore, EM. 'Christ is dead for him': John Preston (1587-1628) and English hypothetical universalism

J. B. Morris, CAI. Phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate 4-kinases in animal cells

P. N. Mortenson, DOW. Energy landscapes of model polypeptides

R. M. Myers, JN. Development of novel linker strategies for use in solid-phase synthesis

M. Nader, F. Burgesses and borgesies in the Latin kingdoms of Jerusalem and Cyprus, 1099-1291

E. A. O'Keeffe, SE. The family and marriage strategies of James Butler, 1st Duke of Ormonde, 1658-1688

C. G. O'Rawe, R. Fictions of theory and theories of fiction: umorismo, metaphor and epiphany in the narrative of Luigi Pirandello

V. J. Paz, DAR. Archaeobotany and cultural transformation: patterns of early plant utilisation in northern Wallacea

J. S. Pearson, TH. British press reactions to the onset of war in ex-Yugoslavia

E. W. Perkins, CHR. The spatial dynamics of internal migration: implications for the diffusion of HIV

R. H. Quirk, PEM. Fronto-striatal substrates of discrimination learning in the rat

M. Raval, CC. Development of novel distance control methods for the scanning near-field optical microscope (SNOM) to reliably image biological samples in liquids

D. Reed, SE. The effects of code layout on performance

M. G. Rolf, Q. P2X, receptors and human platelet function

F. Rousseau, DAR. Biophysical studies of the folding and stability of cell cycle proteins

A. Salinas Martínez, W. Between the necessity and the impossibility of ethics: assessing the market mechanism as a moral tool for making public choices

A. J. M. Salmond, DAR. Thinking through things: museums, anthropology and imperial exchange

K. L. Savell, CAI. Aspects of bodily integrity in English medical law: a feminist critique

A. O. Scally, DAR. Dynamics of the Orion nebula cluster

P-R. Sivasothy, CHU. The detection, structure and biological properties of the conformations of **S141**-antitrypsin

J. R. M. Sizer, CC. Law and disorder in the 'middle shires' of Great Britain (1603-1625)

R. E. Steward, SID. The projection of function from the human IRS-1 PTB domain onto the human dynamin PH domain

J. E. da S. Sucena, W. Dissecting the mechanistic basis for morphological evolution

R. Suge, R. Neural mechanisms of early stages of filial imprinting in the domestic chick

E. Tabone-Adami, DAR. GIS-based modelling of nutrient transfers from land to coastal waters for understanding eutrophication patterns

E.S-K. Tan, JN. Beyond cliometrics: essays in the new institutional economic history

N. H. Tarras-Wahlberg, HH. Metal contamination, water quality and environmental policy: a case study of the Portovelo-Zaruma goldmining area of southern Ecuador

D. E. Thompson, CLH. Observational learning of goal-directed behaviour in very young children

C. D. J. Tilmouth, CHR. Governance, appetite and the passions, c.1640-1690: the example of Hobbism

T. Trajkovic, K. High voltage trench devices

S. Y. Um, DOW. Molecular analysis of tolaasin and pyoverdin biosynthesis by the mushroom pathogen Pseudomonas tolaasii

M-H. Wang, SID. Community and identity in Dayan society, Taiwan

T. Watanabe, CLH. The non-equivalence of the English and Japanese passive

A. J. Whitworth, W. Development of the proximodistal axis of the Drosophilia wing

S. I-W. Yeoh, T. Molecular interactions of human actin depolymerizing factor and cofilin with actin

C. L. Yuca, CHR. Quantitative electro-optic sampling (QEOS) with application to short-gate transistors

Y-W. Zheng, K. The social life of opium in Qing China

A. E. Zurcher, K. Legal diction and the law in the poetry of Edmund Spenser

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in American Literature

J. M. Einboden, M

S. Jayawickrama, DAR

H. S. Jones, JN

P. G. T. Maber, T

R. G. A. Pagliarulo, JE

Examination in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic

V. L. Allan, CHR

L. I. Bax, NH

P. J. R. Buchan, G

C. M. Coles, SID

A. H. Hadley, JN

A. J. Langford, N

L. A. Naidoo, G

S. M. Pons-Sanz, Q

B. Schaffer, G

K. C. Schell, TH

A. I. Smyth, DAR

R. M. Sonpal, CHU

E. B. Teele, CC

H. M. Thomsett, PEM

Examination in Biological Science

L. Boyadzhyan, T

F. Hafeez, DOW

H. J. A. Stoddart, DAR

Examination in Classics

H. M. E. Ashfield, N

N. B. Cipolla, DAR

J. L. Cromwell, CL

L. B. T. Houghton, T

J-M. Hulls, CLH

T. Hunt, NH

A. Inkret, W

I. Karamanou, JN

K. Kobayashi, W

A. Kotsonas, CL

P. G. Lavy, CAI

W. A. Lockwood III, DOW

A. G. Long, K

K. Mohamed, DAR

R. P. F. Morgan, JN

S. Nakatani, PEM

D. J. Orrells, K

A. Petrides, T

J. Prais, CTH

P. J. Sarginson, N

S. B. Tobin, EM

O. R. M. Tribulato, PEM

G. J. Wheeler, G

A. J. Zuiderhoek, DAR

Examination in Criminological Research

J. E. Caughey, SID

A. Gill, W

D. A. Green, JN

A. Z. Hilton, W

H. Jakobsen, ED

C. M. Lam, ED

N. H. F. Ma, N

L. L. Marsland, TH

A. Parmar, F

L. Skinns, CLH

S. E. H. Thatcher, TH

A. L. Walder, TH

R. K. Walmsley, CAI

V. E. Wright, TH

P. J. Ystehede, W

Examination in Criminology

A. J. Berry, TH

A. V. C. Cooper, F

C. R. Dick, F

G. Fernandez, TH

R. S. Foreman, TH

M. J. Henderson, G

S. B. Henze, DAR

F. K. Longino, ED

C. S. F. Matias, F

C. W. Noorduyn, DAR

K. D. Normann, PEM

C. Pantopiou, CLH

C. Polyzoidi, TH

D. P. Quinlan, CTH

R. N. Razak, DAR

R. L. Scott, JE

J. A. Sharkey, LC

N. Singh, Q

M. B. Womble, HH

Examination in Development Studies

E. Aberra, LC

T. O. Ajayi, CHU

L. S. Allcock, CLH

M. V. Balarajan, DAR

R. Bennett-Davies, TH

V. Beramendi Heine, CLH

A. Buonfino, Q

S. Buphakosum, DAR

R. Cope, CHU

K. Cui, DAR

J. Damant, HH

G. Dedu, PEM

H. Dong, Q

H. D. W. Fisher, G

K. Fordjour, W

Y. Goryakin, JN

N. Gulrajani, T

F. S. Jiwa, SID

N. Kang, R

M. Kempf, W

P. Kumtakar, W

J. L. Leino, EM

J. Lew, ED

I. Mamic, Q

R. N. Mbabazize, DOW

A. Mokhtar, DAR

S. Montanari, DAR

A. S. Obiyan, DAR

C. M. Obote Ochieng, CL

E. Ofori-Atta, PEM

P. Okai, DAR

B. T. Ostrowski, T

M. Pitarevic, N

A. A. Shah, EM

W. Sinswat, JN

M. L. A. Thung, W

A. A. Torres Scott, W

M. Torrijos, SE

M. M. Wangusa, TH

P. B. Watson, DAR

Z. Xu, ED

T. Yamada, ED

P. Yu, DAR

Y. Zheng, LC

Y. Zhu, DAR

Examination in Engineering

A. F. Abdul Hamid, CHU

M. A. Perry, F

Examination in English and Applied Linguistics

Y. Al-Raheb, CC

H. K. Bong, Q

A. C. Davis, LC

S. T. Kousta, PET

N. Novakovic, CHR

M. Otero-García, Q

P. Rubio Fernández, W

R. Torn, K

V. Tzortzopoulosova, LC

Examination in English Studies

R. A. Barr, JE

K. E. Halsey, EM

S. J. Hanft, DAR

S. A. Johnson, JN

L. Joy, PET

I. N. Kurshan, EM

J. L. M. McAuley, JN

A. J. Rudd, T

Examination in European Literature

K. D. Balaam, JE

K. E. Banks, CTH

A. C. Bourgeois-Vignon, PEM

L. V. J. Bryan, EM

S. Chanda, G

W. B. Dietrich, N

M. Dries, G

A. Falktoft, R

E. Finer, CL

C.C. Gregory-Guider, K

J. A. Heath, PEM

C. M. L. Howell, PET

N. R. Irvine, HH

M. R. Jeetoo, SID

S. Joseph, ED

E. Kackute, DOW

O. Kyrylova, JE

C. Levin, G

C. Lichtner, SE

A. Lobensommer, CLH

T. E. Lorenc, R

S. A. McIntyre, CAI

P. McMichael, F

J. Masri, EM

B. Müller, M

Z. C. Norridge, JN

S. R. Pender, CC

A. C. M. Regent, T

N. D. T. Roberts, K

E. Simos, HH

R. L. Tuley, W

A. Wegener, DAR

S. F. Wright, TH

B. Zorman, CLH

Examination in Finance

F. Cao, TH

D. Cohen, CL

D. Eliades, DAR

A. R. Gertsen, DAR

P. J. Gillen, DAR

A. Hadjiconstantinou, DAR

H. H. Jeganathan, ED

M. U. A. Khan, SID

L. M. S. Lee, JN

S. Liengpunsakul, K

K. H. Lim, G

P. Y. Luah, DOW

L. Nagy, G

M. Papakokkinou, SID

A. E. T. Ross, SE

K. A. Sabar, G

C. Shanmugarajah, W

W-Y. Tan, M

S. Wang, W

C. L. Yap, DOW

S. T. Yeoh, DAR

Examination in Historical Studies

J. A. Badcock, TH

A. R. Baldwin, DAR

M. J. Bullen, JE

A. C. S. Chapman, EM

A. L. Chard, EM

J. A. S. Conrad, NH

C. J. Eldridge, M

B. G. R. Grosvenor, PEM

E. M. Harris, K

A. H. Johnson, JN

S. A. R. Jordanova, CL

T. C. Kretschmann, N

C. Lamont, CTH

M. C. Ledger-Lomas, PET

H. W. Leithead, T

D. T. Lewis, SID

V. P. Madeira, CAI

K. Maragkou, N

A. L. Mendoza, CAI

C. J. A. Menetrey Monchau, F

J. S. Mythen, PEM

R. A. Pipkin, W

J. L. W. Roslington, T

E. J. Sanchez, TH

H. M. Smith, CAI

M. T. Symonds, HH

C. D. Thompson, CHR

G. A. Treglia, SID

C. A. Van Noy, PEM

M. U. von Bülow, CC

Examination in History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

M. C. Bresalier, T

V. L. Carroll, JE

B. A. Cockayne, W

C. A. Day, DAR

A. K. Demetriades, T

C. D. Ferguson, TH

A. Gelfert, W

R. W. McLeod, CLH

P. B. Miller, DAR

A. Nathoo, NH

A. Pessian, DAR

G. M. Petersen, DAR

A. C. E. Purser, TH

S. Qureshi, CHR

R. C. Ralley, G

T. A. Rees, EM

Examination in Land Economy

I. Ayamba, DAR

H. Boakye, CLH

Y. Y. C. Cheung, DAR

H. Chikwinya, F

N. Davidson, PEM

G. M. Dissanayake, W

I. Erol, DOW

D. Frohnsdorff, W

K. Hamara, CC

D. C. Igliori, DAR

O .S .M. Khan, HH

A. Lele, DAR

C. A. Mahama, TH

S. E. Mattsson, W

A. H. Mitchell, G

S. Mu, W

R. Nallathiga, TH

K-L. Peng, HH

A. R. Z. Ross, CLH

P. P. Sia, NH

M. R. J. Snowball, SE

Examination in Linguistics

C. Kasemsin, CLH

K. E. McDougall, JE

P. S. Manasantivongs, PET

J. G. Midgley, CL

P. K. P. Mok, W

T. L. T. Nguyen, NH

P. Vatanasuti, CL

R. R. Yates, JE

Examination in Management Studies

N. V. Abrosimova, JN

S. M. Ansari, ED

P. Asavaseranee, DAR

N. Batrel, T

A. Brailo, DAR

W. H. Braun, DAR

H. Choi, DOW

L. Choy, CL

A. Devic, Q

S-R. Gillani, PEM

G. Grobe, HH

S. Imam, DAR

M. I. Ivan, W

S. Kulvisaechana, PET

R. D. Mashru, JN

T. Mihailovs, W

N. Prentzas, JE

P. Ristic, W

D. K. J. Tan, JN

S. M. Thein, Q

E. Vathi, CLH

R. P. Vega, HH

Z. Wang, W

D. Wu, ED

L. Yan, NH

Examination in Medical Sciences

J. Haywood, PET

E. H. Stover, CLH

Examination in Medieval History

P. S. Manix, LC

Examination in Philosophy

D. I. Bilchitz, JN

S. Coleman, DAR

M. B. De Silva, Q

M. Garnett, DAR

M. T. Getachew, K

D. J. Hancock, JE

C. S. Jenkins, T

I. J. Macho, JN

B. Nanay, JN

S. Nield, DAR

J. Perkins, JN

C. R. Y. Rozeik, CL

S. Saunders, DAR

B. J. Sheriff, JN

P. R. Wicks, T

Examination in Political Thought and Intellectual History

C. E. Anderson, T

M. A. Brito Vieira, ED

M. P. Collins, K

A. J. Cook, K

R. L. M. Douglas, F

A. G. Giuliani, M

O. E. D. Griffiths, SE

K. C. Harloe, T

V. Martigny, TH

S. N. Novello, W

L. E. O'Bree, N

J. Turner III, K

D. Undersrud, W

S. C. van der Pas, TH

E. Vintiadis, CL

Examination in Social and Developmental Psychology

J. M. Anderson, LC

N. L. Doyle, TH

J. Hudson, JE

D. Huppert, W

A. R. Kneen, M

C. Lullies, F

R. Matikanya, ED

C. Psaltis, CC

M. Psoinos, Q

C. K. Sadie, T

Examination in Sociology and Politics of Modern Society

O. V. Bagno, SID

V. Boliver, TH

T. H. Choi, N

Y. Gong, Q

G. L. Hunt, G

Z. Kadirbeyoglu, TH

A. Kunjara Na Ayudhya, G

E. Leontiou, LC

L. M. MacInnis, DAR

J. March, K

J. K. Miller, LC

G. Vourakis, DAR

Examination in Statistical Science

F. Ackah, ED

J. Aquilina, DAR

G. O. Brown, DAR

N. A. S. D'Arcy, JN

G. Evripides, CLH

N. Freslon, DAR

F. M. Hevras, W

G. R. Kazeem, DOW

M. C. Lennon, CL

S. Nathan, DOW

P. Ondoa, W

C. J. Shampine, T

R. G. Smith, EM

Master of Studies

Examination in Applied Criminology and Police Studies

N. Tofiluk, F

Examination in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment

R. Hall, PET

P. Malpas, W

H. Morishima, W

J. Tweakle, W

Diploma in Economics

The Board of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Economics and Politics, have awarded a Diploma in Economics to the following:

C. J. Barber, K

J. P. Charaszkiewicz, DOW

M. Colas, M

G. J. Floater, Q

A. B. Gaduh, HH

D. L. Horn, TH

A. A. Khalioulline, CLH

R. H. F. Leung, HH

D. M. L. Thomas, JN

A. Vasan, DAR

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Engineering

The Board of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Engineering, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Engineering to the following:

V. Lemercier, TH

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Cambridge University Reporter, 8 August 2001
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