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The P. W. Brian Award, 2001, has been awarded to H. C. E. Rooney, B.A., SE.

The Sir Albert Howard Travel Exhibition, 2001, has been awarded to B. N. Davies, B.A., JE.

Ridgeway-Venn Travel Studentships have been awarded to the following for 2001:

N. N. Johannsen, G M. T. Lee, NH A. E. J. Stratton, EM

K. J. Lane, M.Phil., TH S. W. J. Martin, JE

The Frank Smart Prize in Botany, 2001, has been awarded to P. Ingram, M.

The Frank Smart Prize in Zoology, 2001, has been awarded, jointly, to K. R. Elliker, B.A., CL, and K. Tanner, B.A., EM.

Smith-Knight and Rayleigh-Knight Prizes, 2001. The adjudicators consider that the following essays submitted for the Smith-Knight and Rayleigh-Knight Prizes are of distinction, and have classed them in the following groups of equal merit.

Group 1

B. J. Green, B.A., T, 'Some applications of harmonic analysis to arithmetic combinatorics'

A. Mijatovic, T, 'Simplifying triangulations of S3'

Group 2

F. A. Dolan, T, 'Scalar four-point functions in conformal field theories'

A. Mennim, B.A., EM, 'The Gauss-Codacci formalism in brane-world models'

P. D. Metcalfe, B.A., T, 'Problems in fluid-structure interaction'

S. R. Tod, B.A., CL, 'Developments in effective medium theory'

Group 3

A. T. R. Bain, B.A., T, 'Distributed admission control and functional central limit theorems'

N. R. Farr, B.A., T, 'Existence and uniqueness of solutions for a coagulation equation and a hydrodynamic limit for the stochastic coalescent'

M. Fayers, B.A., T, 'Modular representation theory of symmetric groups: The blocks of (Fraktur S)13 over a field of characteristic three'

S. R. Hodges, CHU, 'Squeeze-film dynamics during cell adhesion'

M. Kampp, JE, 'Atomic fragmentation processes at relativistic energies'

S. Khan, DAR, 'Flow of gravity currents over a porous media'

J. Niesen, TH, 'Estimating the global error committed by numerical integrators'

D. Oriti, G, 'Spacetime geometry from algebra: Spin foam models for non-perturbative quantum gravity'

M. R. E. H. Pickles, B.A., T, 'Dynamics and properties of chiral cosmic strings'

P. J. P. Roche, HH, 'Electron impact ionization of neutral atoms'

S. Schafer-Nameki, JN, 'The geometry of string duality'

J. H. Siggers, B.A., T, 'Modelling spirals in convection'

B. M. J. B. Walker, SE, '2001: An atmospheric odyssey?'

Group 4

J. R. Gair, B.A., CTH, 'An investigation of bound states in the Kerr-Newman potential'

R. Portugues, B.A., T, 'Sigma model solitons and their brane realisations'

M. J. Tildesley, B.A., CL, 'Varying boundary conditions in linear and nonlinear Boussinesq magnetoconvection'

A. J. Tolley, CAI, 'Quantum field theory in de Sitter timespace: Fields versus particles'

C. Voll, CL, 'Zeta functions of nilpotent groups'

Group 5

No candidates were placed in this group.

Smith-Knight Prizes are awarded to:

B. J. Green, B.A., T A. Mennim, B.A., EM A. Mijatovic, T

F. A. Dolan, T P. D. Metcalfe, B.A., T S. R. Tod, B.A., CL

Rayleigh-Knight Prizes are awarded to:

A. T. R. Bain, B.A., T S. Khan, DAR S. Schafer-Nameki, JN

N. R. Farr, B.A., T J. Niesen, TH J. H. Siggers, B.A., T

M. Fayers, B.A., T D. Oriti, G M. J. Tildesley, B.A., CL

J. R. Gair, B.A., CTH M. R. E. H. Pickles, B.A., T A. J. Tolley, CAI

S. R. Hodges, CHU R. Portugues, B.A., T C. Voll, CL

M. Kampp, JE P. J. P. Roche, HH B. M. J. B. Walker, SE

The Unilever Prize for Physical Chemistry, 2001, has been awarded to T. S. E. George, CHR.

Not awarded: Ronald Norrish Prize for Physical Chemistry, 2001.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 11 July 2001
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