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Natural Sciences Tripos, Part III (Chemistry)

(Statutes and Ordinances, p. 359)

With immediate effect

The dates for notification and submission of reports of research projects for Part III (Chemistry) of the Natural Sciences Tripos have been brought forward so that candidates may start work on their projects at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term. The regulations have been amended as follows:

Regulation 35.


By amending sub-paragraph (b) so as to read:

(b) shall submit to the Examiners through the Head of the Department, not later than the Friday following the last day of Full Lent Term in the year in which the examination is to be held, a report of a research project of not more than 5,000 words excluding footnotes. The subject of the research project may be either proposed by the candidate and approved by the Head of the Department, or chosen by the candidate from a list of approved subjects announced by the Head of the Department not later than the division of the Easter Term in the year next preceding the examination. Each candidate shall, not later than the end of Full Easter Term in that year, either obtain the approval of the Head of the Department for the subject proposed or notify the Head of the Department of the subject chosen from the list. In assigning marks for the examination the Examiners shall take account of the written reports of the research projects. The Examiners may at their discretion examine any candidate viva voce on the subject of the report and on the general field of knowledge within which the subject falls.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 23 May 2001