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Approved for degrees

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Bachelor of Divinity

J. J. Taylor, M.A., Ph.D., DOW

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the Special Regulations for proceeding to the degree)

T. D. Jenkins, JE

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

M. I. Abdel Aziz, CHU. Malaria and the growth of children in rural Sudan: a trial of insecticide impregnated bednets

S. Adhikari, T. Damping models for structural vibration

A. Ahmed, CC. Signal separation

I. Alvarez-Garcia, CHU. Cloning and characterisation of bloated, a gene involved in wing morphogenesis

M. E. Armstrong, CAI. Candidate role for nuclear hormone receptors in gene regulation in magnocellular neurones of the hypothalamus

M. Ashikari, G. Urban middle-class Japanese women and their white faces: gender, ideology and representation

T. Ball, CAI. Effect of canopy gaps on tree seedling ecophysiology in a Jamaican montane rainforest

D. Baraldi, SE. Numerical simulations of deflagration to detonation transition

M. A. Bardsley, CHU. Facets in the production of catalyst support by paste extrusion

A. Barros, SID. France and the German menace, 1919-1928

A. O. Bender, R. Arithmetic of intersections of two quadrics

J. Beyer, CL. Lutheran lay prophets (c.1550-1700)

P. Bolchover, T. Dynamic effects of cooling on geological flows

M. C. S. Bourne, JN. Success and failure of performance measurement system design interventions

M. J. Brear, CL. Pressure surface separations in low pressure turbines

K. Brigljević, CLH. The Cistercian economy in England in the later Middle Ages

E. C. Brown, CAI. Cellular proteins involved in translation of human rhinovirus RNA

L. J. Bruce, DAR. Hydrodynamics and adsorption within an expanded bed adsorption column

K.-H. Chai, CHU. Knowledge sharing and reuse in international manufacturing networks: an exploratory study

H. J. Chauhan, DAR. Protein-protein interaction and substrate channelling in the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex

T. C. Clapp, JN. Statistical methods for the processing of communications data

J. N. Clarke, PET. The philosophy and politics of humanitarian intervention

B. R. Cleal, CLH. Capturing communities: the account of an anthropological investigation into technology and innovation within a 'European' framework

M. D. Collier, JE. Cytokinins in pollutant-treated forest trees and associated fungi

M. J. Corke, ED. The welfare of sheep with sheep scab (Psoroptes ovis infestation)

C. L. B. Correia da Silva, CLH. Simplicial minisuperspace models

E. Cozzi, M. The immunology of pig-to-primate xenotransplantation

S. D. G. Crow, CHR. Investigating reversible drug-DNA interactions in the major groove

T. A. Debs, W. Representation and symmetry: an analysis of the tension between objectivity and conventionality in modern physics

A. A. J. Demargne, K. Aerodynamics of stator-shroud leakage

A. C. Eugster Bickle, DAR. COP I domains required for coatomer integrity and novel interactions with regulatory molecules

S. M-N. Evesque, T. Adaptive control of combustion oscillations

M. E. Fabiyi, PEM. Photochemical wet oxidation using oscillatory flow mixing

T. A. Fisher, CL. On 5 and 7 descents for elliptic curves

A. C. J. Freelove, DAR. Molecular analysis of two putative cellulases and a novel carbohydrate-binding protein from Piromyces equi

K. J. Fullard, JN. Long-finned pilot whale population and social structure determined through microsatellite analysis

M. J. Gabbay, T. A theory of inductive definitions with α-equivalence: semantics, implementation, programming language

A. Gannon, LC. The iconography of early Anglo-Saxon coinage (6th-8th centuries)

S. Garikipati, CHU. An economic perspective on resettlement of populations displaced by large dams: the case of the Sardar Sarovar project displaced, India

J. K. Gibbons, W. Against visual realism

A. Git, HH. Studies of the expression and function of Vg1 RNA binding protein

C. A. Grant, PEM. 'Chasing after the wind?' An examination of the social and historical background of the book of Ecclesiastes

E. A. Griffin, T. Popular sports and celebrations in England, 1660-1850

S. D. Griffiths, JN. Inertial instability in the equatorial stratosphere

J. B. Gutowski, JN. Black holes and brane solitons

E. R. Hawkes, SID. Large eddy simulation of premixed turbulent combustion

R. C. Higginson, W. Turbulence and mixing in a stratified fluid

J. J. L. Hodge, DAR. Shaw potassium channel genes in Drosophila

T. J. Hunt, Q. Low dimensional dynamics: bifurcations of cantori and realisations of uniform hyperbolicity

H. Ihara, R. Dysexecutive syndrome in clinical psychiatry

D. O. Jones, M. The structure and function of the murine chromobox gene HP1γ

T. S. D. Joseph, W. Decolonisation in the era of globalisation: the independence experience of St Lucia

A. M. Kaye, CC. Roscoe Conkling Simmons and the mechanics of black leadership, 1899-1951

G. M. Keith, DAR. A theoretical investigation into the acoustic radiation from an aeroengine intake

K. Klein, HH. Electro optical effects suitable for internal phosphor photoluminescent liquid crystal displays

K-H. Ku, K. Church, State and the aboriginal rights movement in Taiwan: a case study of the Paiwan

J. Lallchand, HH. Capital markets development in sub-Saharan Africa: a case study of Mauritius

J. I. Lethaby, CC. 'A less perfect reflection': perceptions of Luther in the nineteenth-century Church of England

M. J. Lilley, F. Cosmological phase transitions and primordial magnetic fields

H. N. Lim, W. Mechanisms of male sexual differentiation in humans

E. P. E. Lithander, DAR. A study of the pre-exile novels of Julio Cortázar

D. C. Lowe, DAR. Salmonella typhi pathogenesis and vaccine design in an in vivo model of human intestine

S-L. Maeng, CLH. Tetraherally bonded amorphous carbon for electronic device applications

D. Malinge, TH. Optimisation of household waste recovery

J. N. Mason, W. Biosynthesis and post-translational processing of heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor

H. B. McCartney, G. The 1/6th and 1/10th battalions of the King's (Liverpool) Regiment in the period of the First World War

P. Mody Spencer, T. Love-marriage in Delhi

M. S. Moore, DAR. Appetite, physical activity and weight control in man

J. C. Moreno Brid, T. Essays on economic growth and the balance-of-payments constraint, with special reference to the case of Mexico

B. J. Morgan, DOW. Ecology of mammalian frugivores in the Réserve de Faune du Petit Loango, Gabon

R. C. Morris, M. Deontology, consequentialism and problems of future generations

C. A. Nieduszynski, PEM. Investigating the gene structure and function of cyclin A1 in animals

R. M. Nixon, W. Non standard designs in public health intervention studies

C. Y. Nuttall, CAI. Boron tolerance and uptake in higher plants

J. J. P. Perry, ED. Structural studies of cell surface glycoproteins

J. D. Pfautz, T. Depth perception in computer graphics

S. Platis, F. Aggregate merger activity

R. V. Preston, PET. Modelling of residual stresses in welded aerospace alloys

D. E. Price, DAR. Security categorisation in the English prison system

L. J. Purshouse, JN. Two case studies in the nature and rationality of emotions: embarrassment and jealousy

S. E. Rodil, CHU. Preparation and characterisation of carbon nitride thin films

J. Rosenzweig, CAI. Capillary-elastic instabilities and draining flows in buckled lung airways

D. N. O. Seidl, G. Organisational identity and self-transformation: an exploratory study from the perspective of new systems theory

M. M. Shaw, Q. Differential effects of guanosine nucleoside analogue inhibitors of herpes simplex virus on cell death

R. G. Smith, K. The figure of Joab and the fate of 'Justice and Righteousness' during David's reign: rereading the so-called 'Court History' according to 2 Samuel 8:15-20:26

R. R. Sood, SID. Magnetic resonance imaging of the small and large bowel

P. C. Speicher, CHR. The Berlin origins of Brandt's Ostpolitik, 1957-1966

F. M. Stajano, JN. Security for ubiquitous computing

B. Stefański Jr, PET. String theory, dirichlet branes and K-theory

W. C. Strabucchi Chambers, ED. Culture as picture and project: the 'City' of EUR. The formation of the concept museum-city in the Italian architecture of the 1930s

K. L. Sutherland, CHU. Translating evidence into clinical practice: the contribution of sensemaking

R. R. Thomas, JN. Mite: a basis for ubiquitous virtual machines

H. J. Thompson, N. Clothing and identity: the naturalist project in Émile Zola's Rougon-Macquart

N. C. Trueman, DAR. Microbial biotransformations of vanillin

G. M. Truter, CL. The genesis of the South African Labour Relations Act in a comparative context

K. Tybjerg, DAR. Doing philosophy with machines: Hero of Alexandria's rhetoric of mechanics in relation to the contemporary philosophy

C. Vermehren, CLH. The field of advertising: a study in sociology

F. Wagner, T. Exactly solvable models, Yang-Baxter algebras and the algebraic Bethe Ansatz

D. A. Watley, CHU. Polarisation mode dispersion compensation

L. G. Wild, CC. Interparental conflict and child adjustment: exploring the role of children's emotional competence

M. Zarrebini, F. Sedimentation from particle laden plumes and jets

V. Zecchini, CL. A novel function of Notch regulates JNK activity and apoptosis in the Drosophila embryo

M. Zhang, W. Internal migration and poverty: a case study in a rural region in China

M. Zhao, CHU. Detection of apoptosis using magnetic resonance imaging

Master of Science

S. D. Goldfarb, CAI. Development and design of an immobilized cell bioreactor for industrial waste water treatment

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in Biological Science

D. K. Krug, CHU

Examination in Engineering

T. Kim, ED

M. Mienko, SE

P-K. Tsai, ED

Examination in European Studies

A. L. Francis, TH

H. D. St John-Wilson, DAR

R. Torriani, TH

Examination in Quaternary Science

P. A. Cawston, DOW

Master of Studies

Examination in Applied Criminology and Management (Prison Studies)

I. Augustus, F

D. Calvert, F

C. Cawley, F

G. Garton-Grimwood, F

S. Habgood, F

C. James, F

E. McLennan-Murray, F

G. Morrison, F

C. Twemlow, F

P. Wilson, F

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