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Churchill College


Churchill College invites applications for Research Studentships, tenable from October 2001. The following Studentships will be offered: one College Student-ship open to candidates unrestricted by subject or nationality; one College Studentship restricted to home candidates in arts subjects; two Gulbenkian Studentships open to non-UK nationals without subject restriction; one Pochobradsky Studentship open to engineering candidates with no nationality restriction; one Jafar Studentship offered to candidates working in engineering related to the petroleum industry with no nationality restriction.

For Studentships a first class degree, or the equivalent, from the university of origin is almost always required and confirmation of election may be contingent upon satisfactory results in final degree examinations. In making the elections the College will give preference to candidates who are not eligible for UK Research Council grants or similar awards; it is therefore imperative that candidates who are so eligible should ensure that they submit applications to the appropriate body by the appropriate date. Overseas candidates who do not come from countries in the EU must apply for an Overseas Research Students (ORS) award, and for an award offered by the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust for Commonwealth Countries, or the Cambridge Overseas Trust for countries outside the Commonwealth (see the Graduate Studies Prospectus entry, 'Schemes of Awards for Overseas Students', for application procedures and details of the awards).

Tenure of Studentships is conditional upon the elected students being admitted as registered Graduate Students by the Board of Graduate Studies with effect from 1 October 2001. The elected candidates will be required to come into residence in the Michaelmas Term 2001 (not later than 1 October), unless permission has been given to defer tenure of a Studentship. Studentships will normally be for one year in the first instance and, subject to good progress, will be renewable either for a further two years (if the first year is spent on work that will form part of the Ph.D. dissertation) or for a further three years (if the first year is spent on a qualifying-degree course in which the work will not be incorporated into the Ph.D. dissertation).

The College Council will determine the value of the Studentships for elected Students after considering any income from other studentships or grants. The maximum value of a Studentship will normally be at least the amount recommended by the Board of Graduate Studies to cover the maintenance costs of an overseas student for twelve months. For 2000-01 this sum is £6,395. In addition, University and College fees are paid. However, the College will not pay dependants allowances, and any person elected to a Studentship who intends to be accompanied by dependants in Cambridge will be required to demonstrate that he or she has the means to maintain his or her dependants. Payments will be made quarterly in advance, the first payment being made upon coming into residence, and will be conditional upon residence in the University in accordance with the University's rules. In the case of students from outside the UK, the cost of travel to and from the country of origin by the cheapest available means will be refunded.

Application forms may be obtained from the Tutor for Advanced Students, Churchill College, Cambridge, CB3 0DS. The completed form, together with (a) any evidence of aptitude for research that the candidate wishes to submit, and (b) a 'transcript' or other detailed record of the candidate's university degree course(s), must reach the Tutor for Advanced Students not later than 15 February 2001. Supporting letters should be sent direct to the Tutor for Advanced Students by the same date. It is not sufficient to refer to letters sent to the Board of Graduate Studies or to other Colleges. Application for admission as a registered Graduate Student is made through the Cambridge Intercollegiate Graduate Application Scheme (CIGAS) and forms may be obtained from the Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ. The elections to Studentships will be made in March 2001.

Inevitably the competition for these Studentships will be very severe, and applicants are encouraged to seek all available sources of funding (including Studentships at other Colleges in Cambridge); many excellent candidates for the Churchill Studentships are bound to be disappointed.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 1 November 2000