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The John Fawcett Prize, 1999, has been awarded, jointly, to J. R. Prowle, M.A., B.Chir, M.Sc., EM, and A. S. Menon-Johansson, B.A., M.B., B.Chir., W.

The Norrisian Prize, 1999, has been awarded to J. K. Cooley, JN.

The Porson Prize, 2000, has been awarded to G. M. Lee, T.

The Prince Consort Prize and Seeley Medal, 2000, have been awarded to D. J. Stone, M.A., Ph.D., Q.

David Richards Travel Scholarships have been awarded to the following for 2000:

S. C. Adams, PET G. L. Garnham, CTH S. M. Mudd, NH
A. C. Alldridge, G W. F. Ginn, SID T. M. Murray, R
J. J. R. Angliss, JN S. W. Grant, F D. J. O'Connor, SID
R. B. Ashton, CL R. H. Gray, CHU L. N. O'Shea, SID
A. Bristow, R L. T. Harris, K J. M. F. Price, JN
R. J. Bryan, G P. K. Harris, JN S. Roberts, DOW
J. A. Campion-Smith, F J. Hayman, M P. L. Rutter, CHR
D. A. Chaplin, CHU T. D. L. Irvine-Fynn, F W. L. Shaw, CHU
J. B. G. Collins, JN L. E. James, F A. Silvester, JN
C. J. Crerar, CTH R. L. Jenkins, NH H. R. Stradling, G
P. R. Crosby, DOW A. J. Kent, CTH D. W. Thain, CTH
A. D. Currah, DOW H. W. G. Lewis-Jones, JN H. L. Thomas, JN
P. D. Dawes, LC B. F. G. Mathers, JN A. R. Tucker, R
A. J. C. Dorey, G T. Mattholie, NH C. R. H. Waldegrave, EM
E. R. Duce, N R. E. May, F P. M. Wynn, DOW
C. Durkin, CTH A. M. McHugh, F S. H. Yates, G
T. J. Francis, CTH

No candidates:

Sir William Browne's Medals, 2000
Gregg Bury Prize, 2000
Montagu Butler Prize, 2000

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Cambridge University Reporter, 8 March 2000
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