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Trinity College

The following elections and awards have been made:

Choral Exhibitions: Allwood, T. M., Major, E. M. S., Malkin, H., Tortise, A.

Eastern Europe Research Bursary: Mijatovic, A., Racic, D.

Honorary Research Studentship: Brown, A. T.

Internal Graduate Studentships: Barrett, J. S., Chow, M. M., Dolan, F. A., Farr, N. R., Gog, J. R., Hinton, M. S., Ignjatovic, T., Jones, M. J., Kopp, M. K., Lamacraft, A., Paseau, A. C., Portugues, R., Tofaris, G. K., Woolerton, E. M., Mackowiak, J. R., Bailey, D. T. J., Fletcher, W. J., George, C. H., Goodall, A. V., Hirst, D. W., Holberton, E. W., Magill, J. A., Sharp, D. M., Smither, J. D., Westerhoff, J. C.

Organ Scholarship: Woodward, B. J.

Research Scholarships: Bailey, D. T. J., Casey, P. T. J., Chow, M. M., Dolan, F. A., Evans, T., Fletcher, W. J., Ford, M. T., Green, B. J., Ignjatovic, T., Johari, R. O., Keevash, P., Lamacraft, A., Marsden, M. M., Metcalfe, P. D., Myers, J. S., Neitzke, A. M., Paseau, A. C., Patel, B. P., Roodhouse, M. C., Siggers, J. H., Smither, J. D., Sprevak, M. D., Vine, A. E.

Senior Scholarships: Broughton, J. E., Ridge, T. J.

Theology Research Studentship: Tibbetts, T. N. S.

Whittaker Scholarships: Blake, A. M., Kennard, S. M.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 20 October 1999
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