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Special 4 Thursday 7 October 1999 Vol CXXX

Fellows of the Colleges - 1 October 1999


The list has been published as early as possible in the Michaelmas Term for general convenience. There may therefore be a few changes that occurred in late September which are not included here.

Colleges are arranged in alphabetical order.

Names are arranged in order of seniority as determined by each College, and that order in most cases depends on the date of either the first or most recent election. When a Fellow has had more than one period of tenure a date in square brackets refers always to a first election and in parentheses to a second or subsequent election. When a date in square brackets and a date in parentheses appear together after a name these are true dates of election and the date before the name is a notional one which confers seniority.

The various entries reflect in certain respects different usages of the Colleges which have compiled them specifically for this publication. Errors of fact may be sent direct to the Editor of the Reporter at the Registry, Old Schools.


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