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Gonville and Caius College

The following elections and awards have been made:

Honorary Senior Scholarships

Elected: [3rd Year] Auger, L. M., Brelen, M. E., Budd, N., Debenham, E. M., Descamps, M. J. L., Enoizi, P. C. M., House, W. J., Katbamna, M. C., Levsen, S., Lewis, A. E. M., Strongman, A., Waldron, B. M., Williamson, M. B., Wynn, T., Yang, X.

Senior Scholarships

Elected: [3rd Year] Harron, E. A., Hill, D. F., [1st Year] Kinns, J., [2nd Year] Anderson, A., Ashe, L., Bashow, S. T., Bell, R. J., Bennett, E. M., Bhanderi, H. S., Bines, J. J. H., Boyle, M. E., Campbell, O. J., Craig, S. E., Dalton, J. R. F., Evans, D. A., Flett, S. M. J., Griffin, X. L., Hall, J. D., Ho, P. P. K., Jones, R. S., Kendrick, J. L., Lopez, J. S., Mahroo, O. A. R., Massey, T. H., Meredith, M. G. P., Paskunas, V., Penny, J. L., Pinto, E. M., Reddi, B. J., Rhodes, P. S., Santra, S., Summers, R. L., Velusami, P., Wadsley, S. J., Wong, M., Wright, C. G., Zellick, A. D. R.
Continued: [3rd Year] Charsley, P. J. H., Crinion, B. A., Gait, P. J. D., Hammond, P. A., Herbison, D., Morris, J. P. L., Noakes, B. E., Tier, B. J. W.

Honorary Senior Exhibitions

Elected: [3rd Year] Buczacki, S. J. A., Fernando, R. D., Porter, T. C., Shields, E. A.

Senior Exhibitions

Elected: [2nd Year] Abbott, J. K. R., Billington, D. J., Brennan, A. N., Goldsmith, J. D., Hilton, M. J., Long, K. R., MacBain, P., Pakenham, T. J. C., Rajapaksa, S., Rubin, E. L., Simpson, J. A., Somos, M., Staines, A. H., Walshaw, J. K.


Elected: [1st Year] Bolton, R. C., Bustard, J. D., Catford, K. E., Clapham, T. A. J., Connatty, I. D., Dixon, B. J., Fearon, R. G., Glover, M., Hazle, D. A., Harrison, A. P., Helmy, A. E., Herzig, F., Hoe, W. M., Holt, J. J., Hui, C. T., Jackson R. D. S., Kiri, N. H., Langrish, J. P., Manohar, S. G., McGregor, A. I. S., Mohamedbhai, S. G., Nelson, A. M., Patel, N. I., Pearce, T. J., Pitt, S. A., Richardson, M. J., Rushbrook, C., Treacy, C. K., Ware, J. S., Winston, G. P., Wood, D. L. B., Wrightson, J. M.
Continued: [2nd Year] Boreham, A. T., Robson, A. J., Stafford, C. M., Tait, D. J., Vasani, S. S., [3rd Year] Mace, N., [w/a] Gilby, E.


Elected: [1st Year] Ahmed Zaharudin, A., Colbran Espada, D., Kemp, R., Lewis, R., Thomas, M. R., Zambon, E.
Continued: [2nd Year] Banerjee, R. N., Brennan, A. N., Fisher, R. J. A., Goldsmith, J. D., Littler, J. C., Toh, E., [w/a] Bradshaw, E., Jones, S. M., Peacock, T. A. W., Walmsley, A.

Annual Prizes and Awards

Schuldham Plate: Ashe, L., Bines, J. J. H., Pinto, E. M., Santra, S.
Lock Tankard: Tait, D. J.
Dorothy Moyle Needham Prize for Biochemistry: Massey, T. H.
James Arthur Ramsay Prize for Chemistry and Biology: Hoe, W. M.
Swann Prize for Biology: Santra, S.
Stanley Dennison Prize for Economics: Morgan, J. H.
Evanthia Sofianou Prize for Economics: Banerjee, R. N., Toh, E.
College Prizes in Engineering: Bennett, E. M., Herbison, D.
Edward Buckland Prize for History: Edwards, M. J.
Lu Gwei-Djen Prize for the History of Science: Phillips, J. N. K.
Frere-Smith Prize for Law: Zellick, A. D. R.
Sir William McNair Prizes for Law: Billington, D. J., Moreham, N. A., Thomas, M. R.
Sir William McNair Mooting Prizes: Belyavin, J. R., Chennells, M. P.
Emlyn Wade Prize for Law: Moreham, N. A.
Tapp Postgraduate Scholarships: Billington, D. J., Zellick, A. D. R.
Michael Latham Prize for Mathematics: Pinto, D. L.
Ryan Prize for Higher Mathematics: Pinto, E. M.
Ian Gordon-Smith Prize for Medicine: Cheong, A. P. Y.
Tucker Prize for Medicine: Ang, J. E.
Anne Pearson Prize for Medicine: Reddi, B. A. J.
Walter Myers Exhibitions for Medicine: Campbell, O. J., Lopez, J. S., Mahroo, O. A. R., Reddi, B. A. J., Santra, S.
Michell Scholarships for Medicine: Conway, B. S., Griffin, X. L., Patel, K., Rajapaksa, S.
Frederick John Stopp Prize for Modern Languages: Norman, J. R.
Elisabeth Villar-Etscheit Prize for Modern Languages: Potter, C. A.
Frank Cook Prize for Modern Languages: Gilby, E.
Ian and Marjory McFarlane Prize in French: Gilby, E.
Compton Wills Prize for Music: Bines, J. J. H.
Sir Rudolph Peters' Prizes for Music: Cheung, S. S., Dalton, J. R. F., Hill, J. A., Ho, P. P., Hooper, R. C. L., Rajapaksa, S.,Walshaw, J. K., Wright, D. G. S.
H. L. Perry Prize for Music: Sutcliffe, J. W. F.
Cameron Reading Prize: Ho, P. P.
Charles and Iris Brook Prize 1999: Byrne, C.
College Essay Prizes: Master's Prizes: Craig, S. E., Hutchinson, A. B., Somos, M. Brown Prize in Mathematics: Herzig, F. Bodey Prize in Applied Mathematics: McGregor, A. I. S.
Organ Scholarship: Re-elected: Uglow, T. J.

Clinical Scholarships:

Elected: Campbell, O. J., Conway, B. S., Griffin, X. L., Lopez, J. S., Mahroo, O. A. R., Patel, K., Rajapaksa, S., Reddi, B. A. J., Santra, S.

Clinical Exhibitions:

Elected: Gunasekara, V. P., Vasani, S. S., Velusami, P.
College Instrumental Award: Poore, H. R.
Handson Travel Bequest: Chan, J. T. W., Richardson, J. A. T., Yu, E. P. K.
Paton-Taylor Travelling Scholarships: Bell, R. A., Bilby, E., Chee-A-Tow, R., Dover, M. C., Doyle, J. C., Drugan, A. M., Eaden, L. E., Eder, S. A., Giret, R. E. F., Harding, J. J., Hart, A. M., Heathcote, J. F., Mather, J. D., McFarlane, A. K., Page, R. N., Shaw, J. L. B., Wignarajah, P., Wood, C. E.
Sir William Wade Awards: Ang, J. E., Cookson, C. E., Dixon, B. J., Jackson, R. D. S., Mohamedbhai, S. G., Mundinger, J., Scott, D. J., Tymula, J.
Joan and Leonard Gluckstein Memorial Awards: Aldridge, N. R., Barker, E. H., Bolton, R. C., Brech, M. H., Cameron, J. S., Catford, K. E., Dunford, J. A., Marshall, J. R., Pathak, R., Thomas, S. C., Travis, S. E.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 21 July 1999
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