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Second Veterinary M.B. Examination, Autumn 1999 - VTQ0

The examination will take place in the Examination Hall, Free School Lane, unless otherwise stated.

Written Examination

Monday 27 September 9-12 VA. Veterinary Anatomy A
1.30-4.30 PA. Physiology A
Tuesday 28 September 9-12 VB. Veterinary Anatomy B
1.30-4.30 PB. Physiology B
Wednesday 29 September 9-12 PH. Pharmacology
1.30-4.30 PT. Pathology
Thursday 30 September 9-10.30 VP. Veterinary Physiology
11-12.30 MG. Medical Genetics
2-3.30 PH. Pharmacology {Written Practical}
Friday 1 October 9-12 BI. Biochemistry
1.30-3.30 BI. Biochemistry {Written Practical}
Monday 4 October 9-11 BH. Animal Behaviour and Husbandry

Practical and Oral Examination

Details will be posted on the Department Notice Board.

Thursday 30 September   VA. Veterinary Anatomy A {in the Department of Anatomy}
Friday 1 October   VB. Veterinary Anatomy B {in the Department of Anatomy}
Monday 4 October   PA. Physiology A {in the Department of Physiology}
Tuesday 5 October   PB. Physiology B {in the Department of Physiology}
Wednesday 6 October 9-12 PT. Pathology {in the Department of Pathology}

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