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Examination in Theology for the M.Phil. Degree (one-year course), 2000: Notice

The Faculty Board of Divinity give notice that they have selected the following prescribed texts for the examination for the M.Phil. in Theological and Religious Studies (one-year course) in 2000:

Paper 1.  Old Testament general paper

Isaiah 56-61; Proverbs 10-12; Song of Songs 5-8; Exodus 1-12.

Paper 2.  New Testament exegesis

The Greek text of Galatians and James.

Paper 3.  The history of ecclesiastical historiography

Eusebius, Church History (Penguin translation). Orderic Vitalis, The Ecclesiastical History, Books V and VI, ed. and tr. M. Chibnall in The Ecclesiastical History of Orderic Vitalis, Vol. 3 (Oxford Medieval Texts, Oxford, 1972). John of Joinville, The Life of St Louis, tr. M.R.B. Shaw in Joinville and Villehardouin. Chronicles of the Crusades (Penguin Classics, Harmondsworth, 1963), pp. 163-353. John Foxe, The Acts and Monuments, ed. George Townsend (8 vols., London, 1843-49), Vol. 1, pp. vi-viii (dedication) and xii-xxvii (prefatory addresses); Vol. 8, pp. 303-10, 381-97, 420-3, 467-8 (The martyrs of Colchester). Edward Gibbon, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, ed. D. Womersley (London, 1994), ch. 15 (The progress of the Christian religion). Leopold von Ranke, The History of the Popes (London, 1908), Books I and IX (Vol. I, pp. 3-101, Vol. II, pp. 457-571). David Knowles, The Religious Orders in England, iii (Cambridge, 1959), Ch. xxvi-xxxvi), pp. 336-468.

Paper 4.  The Christian God

Tertullian, 'Adversus Praxean', in The Ante-Nicene Fathers, Vol. III: 'Latin Christianity: the Founder, Tertullian' (Edinburgh, 1993 reprint). Bonaventura, Itinerarium mentis in Deum, tr. E. Cousins (The Classics of Western Spirituality, London, 1978), 'The Soul's Journey into God'. S.T. Coleridge, Aids to Reflection, ed. J. Beer (London, 1993), pp. 160-88. Karl Barth, Church Dogmatics II, 1, 'The Eternity and Glory of God', pp. 608-77 (Edinburgh, 1957).

Paper 5.  The philosophy of religion

Augustine, De Trinitate, Books IX and X, in The Trinity, ed. E. Hill (New York, 1991). Thomas Aquinas, De Veritate, Questions 1 and 2, in Disputed Questions on Truth, Tr. R.W. Mulligan (Chicago, 1952). Nicholas of Cusa, On Learned Ignorance, ed. J. Hopkins (Minneapolis, 1981). Leibniz, Discourse on Metaphysics, ed. R.N.D. Martin and S. Brown (Manchester, 1988). Berkeley, Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous, ed. H. Robinson (Oxford, 1996). Schelling, On Human Freedom, tr. J. Gutmann (Chicago, 1936). Donald McKinnon, The Problem of Metaphysics (Cambridge, 1974).

Paper 6.

To be confirmed.

Paper 7.  The history and methodology of the study of religions

There are no prescribed texts for this paper in 2000.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 16 June 1999
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