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The Chaucer Reading Prize, 1999, has been awarded jointly to E. E. Gurney, N, and G. I. Cheng, JN.

Divinity (German Language) Fund. Grants have been made to J. K. Cooley, JN, A. C. King, JE, C. Korten, DAR, and R. R. Manning, ED.

Eric Evans Fund. Grants have been made to the following:

M. J. Aiken, B.A., CL R. J. English, PET J. A. Payne, SE
J. H. J. Davies, CAI C. D. Haley, B.A., M.Phil., JN A. M. H. Wainwright, EM
N. Dixon, R R. T. Jarvis, SE E. C. Wylie, HO
R. H. Elder, DOW T. J. Nancoo, B.A., CAI

The John Kinsella and Tracy Ryan Poetry Prize, 1998-99, has been awarded to S. R. Levy, CC.

Hedley Lucas Fund. P. C. A. Harbridge, B.A., CHR, P. M. Waddell, M.Phil., F, and R. J. Wilkinson, F, have been elected to Scholarships for 1999-2000.

Alasdair Charles Macpherson Fund. Grants have been awarded to the following:

A. P. Aptaker, NH C. J. Harman J. P. Norgate, B.A., K
J. Collis, M.A., SE S. C. Howard, CL K. Savage, F
J. K. Cooley, JN C. L. Nash, NH R. C. Scott, K
A. K. Fraser, F R. A. Nicholson, PEM J. K. Suman, CTH

Peregrine Maitland Fund. Grants have been awarded to J. Grenfell, and D. B. Whitefield, CAI.

Clerk Maxwell Fund. Grants have been awarded to A. Biguzzi, Q, S. Cina, JN, N. Garro-Martinez, M.Phil., CLH, and C. B. U. Perwass, M.

The Members' History Prize, 1998, has been awarded to P. A. Readman, B.A., CHR.

Ord Travel Fund. Grants have been made to N. D. Schweckendiek, CL, and H. E. Stout, CC.

Smith-Knight and Rayleigh-Knight Prizes, 1999. The Adjudicators consider that the following essays submitted for the Smith-Knight and Rayleigh-Knight Prizes are of distinction, and have here classed them in four groups of equal merit.

Group 1

T. A. Fisher, B.A., CL, 'Some Elements of Order 5 and 7 in the Tate-Shafarevich Group'

Group 2

D. W. Essex, B.A., T, 'Photon and Electron Probes of Atomic, Crystalline and Surface States'

A. C. Faul, CHU, 'Iterative Techniques for Radial Basis Function'

J. B. Gutowski, JN, 'Some Aspects of p-brane Worldvolume Dynamics'

H. S. Reall, B.A., R, 'Open Inflation, Singular Instantons and Extra Dimensions'

D. C. Richer, Q, 'Ramsey Theory and the Erdos-Stone Theorem for Multicoloured Graphs'

J. Rosenzweig, CAI, 'Fluid-Structure Interactions in Lung Airways'

A. Saikia, B.A., T, '2-Valuation of Certain L-Functions, Iwasawa Algebra and Units in Cyclotomic Towers'

M. J. Vartiainen, JE, 'On the Solution of the Kirchhoff Integral Equation of Retarded Potentials in the Cauchy Principal Value Sense, Using Boundary Integral Methods'

J. Wierzba, T, 'On 4-Dimensional Isolated Symplectic Singularities and a Characterisation of Quadrics'

Group 3

J. H. P. Dawes, B.A., T, 'Three-dimensional Resonance in Double-diffusive Convection'

H-M. Gutmann, CC, 'Convergence Properties of a Radial Basis Function Method for Global Optimization'

R. Oeckl, DOW, 'Twisting of Hopf Algebra Module Categories, Differentials and Application'

P. L. Rendon, W, 'Effects of Small-amplitude Fluctuations on the Structure of a Shock Wave'

D. M. Rodgers, CHU, 'Covering and Generating Finite Simple Groups by Conjugate Elements'

J. Y. Whiston, B.A., PEM, 'Maximal Independent Generating Sets of the Symmetric Group'

Group 4

C. D. Bloor, B.A., DOW, 'A Computational Study of the Acoustic Pressures on a Ship's Hull due to its Propellers'

Y-C. Chen, W, 'Anti-integrable Limit in Variational Problems'

A. N. Ross, B.A., CHU, 'Dense Gas Dispersion on a Slope'

C. Wunderer, JN, 'On Hamilton Models of Balanced Shallow Water Flow, the Velocity-Split Equation and L2 Dynamics'

Smith-Knight Prizes are awarded to:

D. W. Essex, B.A., T H. S. Reall, B.A., R A. Saikia, B.A., T
A. C. Faul, CHU D. C. Richer, Q M. J. Vartiainen, JE
T. A. Fisher, B.A., CL J. Rosenzweig, CAI J. Wierzba, T
J. B. Gutowski, JN

Rayleigh-Knight Prizes are awarded to:

C. D. Bloor, B.A., DOW R. Oeckl, DOW J. Y. Whiston, B.A., PEM
Y.-C. Chen, W P. L. Rendon, W C. Wunderer, JN
J. H. P. Dawes, B.A., T D. M. Rodgers, CHU
H-M. Gutmann, CC A. N. Ross, B.A., CHU

Theological Studies Fund. Grants have been awarded to the following:

L. M. Cavanagh, B.A., LC J. L. Johnson J. A. Lowe, SE
J. K. Cooley, JN A. C. King, JE R. R. Manning, ED
C. R. Cunningham, ED C. Korten, DAR Fr. A. Nicholl
T. M. Dixon, M.A., K R. M. Lentin, M.A., M.Phil., T L. Owens, Q
C. L. Engle, SE J. I. Lethaby, CC J. P. Ryder, B.A., M
P. M. Hansell, B.A., M.Phil., SE P. C-H. Lim, CL N. T. Saunders, B.A., M

No Candidates: Hulsean Prize, 2000

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Cambridge University Reporter, 21 April 1999
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