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History of Art Tripos, 2000: Special subjects

The Faculty Board of Architecture and History of Art give notice that they have amended their list of special subjects for the History of Art Tripos in 2000 (Reporter, 1997-98, p. 654). The subjects for Papers 14 and 15 are now as set out below. The Faculty Board are satisfied that no candidate's preparation for the examination is adversely affected by these changes.

Papers 14 and 15. Painting in Venice in the High Renaissance

This course will treat painting in Venice during the period c. 1480 to c. 1530. It will begin with a consideration of the later work of Giovanni Bellini, emphasizing both his private and public paintings. It will continue with a close examination of the work of Giorgione, who remains one of the most fascinating and most mysterious artists of the period, in an effort to determine both the make-up of his oeuvre, surviving and lost, and the nature of his innovations. The Venetian career of one of Giorgione's most significant followers, Sebastiano, will be examined, and the course will culminate with a detailed study of the early career of one of the greatest of all European painters and the artist who indelibly marked the Venetian school, Titian, concluding with the work produced just before he came to be patronized by Charles V. In addition, attention will be paid to several contemporary painters whose work, while not generally at the level of these major figures, is nevertheless of great interest: Gentile Bellini, Carpaccio, Cima da Conegliano, and Palma Vecchio.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 17 February 1999
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