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Harness Prize: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, pp. 685 and 743

The subject in the field of Shakespearian Literature selected for the Harness Prize 1999 is 'Shakespeare and his Editors'. Any undergraduate or graduate student may be a candidate for the prize who on 31 August 1999 is of not more than three years' standing from 31 December following the date of admission to his or her first degree, whether of this or another university.

Essays should not exceed 20,000 words and should not generally be less than 15,000 words, and should be printed or typewritten. They should be sent, with a declaration of length, to the Registrary so as to arrive not later than 31 August 1999. Each essay must bear a motto but not the candidate's name, and must be accompanied by a sealed envelope bearing the motto outside and containing the candidate's name and College.

The value of the prize is expected to be about £1,880.

The successful candidate must send a printed or typewritten copy of the essay to the Vice-Chancellor, to each adjudicator, to the University Library, and to the Library of Christ's College.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 17 February 1999
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