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Trinity College


The annual election of Research Fellows will be held on Monday, 4 October 1999. Eligibility for the competition is restricted to those members of the College who have been engaged in research for between six months and three and a half years. Fellowships are offered in all branches of University studies without restriction of subject. The number of Fellows elected varies from year to year depending on the strength of competition; in recent years an average of six elections have been made.

Each person elected will be a Fellow of the College under Title A for four years (less two weeks) from the date of the Election. However, Fellows under Title A are not required to reside in Cambridge, and may postpone for a time taking up the privileges and the stipend of the Fellowship. Broadly speaking, the emoluments and privileges may be enjoyed for a maximum of four years during the six years immediately following election.

Fellows under Title A who reside within the University precincts and devote themselves to study and research receive a stipend of not less than £15,500 a year, less any emolument received from a source outside College. In addition, such Fellows are entitled to rooms in College (subject to certain conditions) and may take meals at High Table free of charge. A Title A Fellow who chooses to live in a College flat is charged rent at the married student's rate.

Detailed rules of eligibility and for the submission of dissertations may be obtained from the Senior Tutor, Trinity College, Cambridge, CB2 1TQ.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 18 November 1998
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