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Downing College


The Governing Body of Downing College, Cambridge, invites applications for election to a Fellowship from 1 October 1999 for three years. The Fellowship will be open to candidates working in Anthropology, Archaeology, Medicine, or Biological Sciences.

Candidates must be graduates and will normally either be under thirty years of age on 1 October 1999 or have completed no more than twelve terms as registered research students on that date. Applications from postdoctoral candidates already in paid employment within the University of Cambridge are welcomed. The emolument of a pre-Ph.D. Fellow not holding such paid employment is at present £11,443 a year and that of a post-Ph.D. Fellow is £13,892 a year (under review). An unmarried Fellow is provided with free accommodation in College. A Fellow who resides outside College will receive an additional living out allowance. These figures are reviewed annually and will be adjusted in the light of any grant or stipend which the Fellow may receive from other sources. A Research Fellow becomes a member of the Governing Body of the College.

Application forms with further information are obtainable from the Senior Tutor, Downing College, Cambridge, CB2 1DQ. Forms should be returned no later than 11 December 1998. The Governing Body hopes to make an election in February/March 1999.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 11 November 1998
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