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Approved for degrees and certificates

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

G. Augusti, Ph.D., F R. A. Smith, M.A., Ph.D., Q
S. A. Corbet, M.A., Ph.D., N P. M. H. Wilson, M.A., Ph.D., T
A. W. Cuthbert, M.A., F J. A. Wilson, M.A., Ph.D., CTH
D. A. King, M.A., DOW

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the Special Regulations for proceeding to the degree)

S. F. Himmelweit, N J. L. Thorogood, T
S. J. Roberts, N V. J. Ware, N

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M. Litt. Degrees)

O. Ananvoranich, DAR. Employment practices in foreign multinational electronics companies in Thailand: a comparison between Japanese and American companies

D. A. Baer, CC. Translation technique and theology in LXX Isaiah 56-66

M. A. Barnes, ED. A eucharistic ethic for inter-faith relations

I. W. F. Baxter, SID. Heritage transformed from concept to country house: the objectification of cultural resources in the United Kingdom

A. E. Bean, CAI. The ecology of sex differences in great ape foraging behaviour and hunter-gatherer subsistence behaviour: the origin of sexual division in human subsistence behaviour

C. Beardsley, JN. The humanity of divinity: the theology of F. W. Robertson

M. D. Beecroft, K. Regulation of Ca2+ efflux from the intracellular stores of permeabilized hepatocytes

M. M. Bergman, CHU. Acculturation, identity, and intergroup relations of Mexican Americans and European Americans

C. Berndt, CTH. Ruhr companies between dynamic change and institutional persistence: globalisation, the 'German Model' and regional place dependence

G. Bloise, W. Strategic complexity and equilibrium in repeated games

R. M. Bostock, CHU. Silicon micromachining for micro-optical device manufacture

E. D. Breton, TH. Reconciling diversity and equality: federalism, identities and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

S. J. Bucking, T. Education in Greco-Roman, Byzantine, and early Arab Egypt: assessing the primary evidence

S. H. M. Butchart, F. Sexual conflicts and polyandry in bronze-winged jacanas

A. J. E. Charman, W. Progressive élites in Bunga politics: African farmers in the Transkeian Territories, 1904-1946

D. S. Chatterjee, T. On the construction of abelian gerbs

C-W. Chen, F. Electronic structures of diamond-like carbons

M. Clara, DAR. The establishment of cooperative institutions in the chair-manufacturing industrial district of Manzano (Italy)

A. J. Coles, CC. Monoclonal antibody therapy of multiple sclerosis

P. D. Cook, JN. Wave transmission along a ribbed fluid-loaded membrane

C. Coward, SE. Chaperones and ATP-dependent proteases of Lactococcus lactis

M. D. Crowell, DAR. Performance of Pinus sylvestris seedlings in a restoration of Caledonian forest

C. A. da Silva Santos, SID. Transport phenomena in random gradient flows

K. A. de Foy, K. Analysis of candidate tumour suppressor genes in sporadic ovarian tumours

K. A. Deutsch, DAR. Muslim women in colonial North India circa 1920-1947: politics, law and community identity

S. K. Dickin, CAI. Shuttle vectors as a probe for genomic instability

M. M. T. Downie, LC. Studies on the lipogenesis of the human sebaceous gland

M. J. Dunkley, JE. The aerodynamics of intermediate pressure turbines

A. C. Dunn, JE. Bactericidal/Permeability-Increasing protein, autoimmunity, structural and functional inter-relationships

K. J. Ferguson, JE. Behavioural effects of chronic adrenal steroids in hippocampal-damaged and intact rats

H. L. Fitton, CL. Modulation of antithrombin by heparin

S. P. Fletcher, G. Internal initiation of translation of pestivirus RNAs

M. B. Furner, CL. The repression and survival of Anabaptism in the Emmental, Switzerland 1659-1743

D. Gardner-Roberts, M. From birth to five: infant development and maternal behaviour in Gombe chimpanzees

R. C. Garner, TH. Religion and economics in a South African township

J. G. Goh, W. Advanced noncoherent demodulation and decoding

P. A. Gould, Q. Femininity and physical science in Britain, 1870-1914

F. Gubon, CC. The Exclusive Economic Zone fisheries regime under the Law of the Sea: have developing States benefited from the regime?

J. H. Haubold, Q. Laic life

C. D. A. Hayden, JN. Interaction and development: the Late Neolithic and Copper Age archaeology of western Mediterranean islands

R. G. D. Hinchliffe, T. Chern-Simons theory

S. Howson, CC. Iwasawa theory of elliptic curves for p-adic Lie extensions

P. W. Irwin, EM. Classical and quantized solitons

G. M. Ivinson, JE. The construction of the curriculum

S. Kapadia, DOW. Discriminative training of hidden Markov models

N. G. Kaye, T. Interaction of turbulent plumes

S. J. Kewley, CC. Japan's foreign-economic policy initiatives to the European Union

J. S-L. Lam, DAR. The genesis, motion and stability of a vortex in a planetary vorticity gradient

Y. H. Lee, F. Large bubbles beneath spargers in gas-liquid downflow

P. J. Leithart, PET. The priesthood of the plebs: the baptismal transformation of antique order

M. P. Levick, CC. Gene identification using expressed sequence tags: molecular characterisation of a protective Leishmania major peroxidoxin

J. C. Liechty, CHU. MCMC methods and continuous-time, hidden Markov models

C-T. Lin, JE. Isolation and characterisation of canine retinal genes: investigations of expression and association with retinal degenerations

J. Liu, CHU. The calculation of asymmetric flow in turbine exhaust systems

B. T. Logan, G. Adaptive model-based speech enhancement

D. S. Louch, TH. Vorticity and turbulent transport in premixed turbulent combustion

D. F. McDonald, ED. A study of three members of the Rab family of small GTPases

S. M. McEvoy, F. American exceptionalism and United States foreign policy: a study of the public diplomacy of Bush and Clinton, 1989 to 1993

P. J. McMullan, HH. Synthetic approaches to novel stilbene-based liquid crystalline polymers for nonlinear optics; and tethered mesogens

M. D. Majors, PEM. Iterative robot control

A. Medhurst, CC. RAF publicity and public relations, 1939-1945

S. Minchin, NH. '…May you always care for those of your patria.' Manuel Bautista Pérez and the Portuguese New Christian community of viceregal Peru: slave trade, commerce and the Inquisition (1617-39)

A. L. Nickson, PET. Divine and human freedom in the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

M. Nicmanis, G. Finite element methods for the solution of population balance equations

D. F. J. Nussbaum, Q. The reception of John Foxe's 'Acts and Monuments', 1563-1641

P. D. O'Sullivan, M. Image and artifice in early Greek literature: concepts of visual images from Homer to Gorgias

C. A. Ovenston, W. The scaling and discrimination of contrast colours

A. Z. Owinoh, DAR. Natural convection driven by heating from below

J. A. Parkinson, DOW. Limbic cortico-striatal circuitry underlying Pavlovian associative learning

D. J. C. Perkins, SID. The Republican party and the South c. 1952-c. 1968

J. A. C. Powell, DAR. Genetic analysis in Rhodococcus sp. V49: the ohp gene cluster

M. Raković, CHR. The economic disintegration of Yugoslavia

M. Ravn, JE. Germanic social structure (c. AD 200-600). A methodological study in the use of archaeological and historical evidence in Migration Age Europe

S. H. Ridley, DAR. The role of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in interleukin-1 action

G. J. Rodriguez-Pereyra, CHU. Resemblance Nominalism. A development

E. J. Rowley, K. Quantifying Cenozoic exhumation across the British Isles

D. Sankey, EM. Dynamics of upwelling in the equatorial lower stratosphere

A. Sarkar, T. Extremal problems for graphs and hypergraphs

K. A. Sharpe, JE. Towards a modern classical theory of consumption and choice

R. Shirazi, CL. Tool switching problems in manufacturing and possible algorithmic solutions

J. R. Sofaer Derevenski, W. Gender archaeology as contextual archaeology. A critical examination of the tensions between method and theory in the archaeology of gender

A. Somfai, R. The transmission and reception of Plato's Timaeus and Calcidius's Commentary during the Carolingian Renaissance

P. J. Sowerby, CAI. Proteins involved in clathrin coated pit formation at the trans-Golgi network

M. A. Stein, CAI. The development of employer/employee liability for personal injuries during the reign of Victoria

M. D. Steinberg, TH. An implantable glucose biosensor

J. F. Stratton, F. Candidate genes in ovarian cancer and their clinical implications

R. M. A. Streatfeild-James, T. Functional studies of angiotensinogen variants

J. D. Sussman, M. Glial lineages in the adult central nervous system

J. E. Treagus, DAR. The translocation of phospholipase C-β1 into the nucleus

R. H. Turner, EM. An historical geography of the rural tramways of Loir-et-Cher (France) from c. 1880 to 1934

V. Veltroni, CHU. Eduard Bernstein and the roots of the third way: Social Liberalism and the construction of the general social interest

C. D. Walentas, F. Domain and subunit interactions and the catalytic mechanism of glutathione reductase

C. R. Wallis, CC. Intelligent database technology for operational decision support in the petrochemical industry

C. S. Watkins, CL. Wonders in central medieval chronicles of the Anglo-Norman realm

H. A. R. Williams, CAI. Two-dimensional surfactant-driven flows of thin liquid films

R. P. Williams, CHR. Tightness of the nonlinear gap robust stability margin

E. Zoli, F. Enforcing fiscal discipline: alternative strategies

Master of Science

I. Kanda, DAR. Shear instabilities in a quasi-two-dimensional flow driven by differential rotation

A. G. MacConaill, CHU. The implementation of production planning and control systems in small manufacturing companies

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in Archaeology

M. Camps-Calbet, SID B. Jones, ED
C. Colantoni, DOW L. Kilmurray, W
M. Conconi, T S. M. Lachmann, N
C. M. Davison, ED P. J. Marsh, M
R. A. Doyle, DAR C. E. Marston, F
M. P. Fitzjohn, JN S. J. Muringaniza, DOW
S. L. Flower, TH S. Riches, DAR
M. D. Frachetti, JN G. Seevalee, DAR
D. M. D. L. H. Harvey, W C. L. Waddingham, SID
C. E. Heitz, HH A. Zervou, N

Examination in Biological Anthropology

K. V. Everett, HH G. Hennig, F
T-Y. R. Fu, W I. Ribot, DOW
A. E. M. Hall, Q K. Vaaler, N

Examination in Biological Science

P. Blanco, DAR J. M. Shulman, EM
S. M. Davison, Q M. J. Sklar, DAR
A. O. Y. Hashim, HH T. J. Stevens, Q
J. S. Lauritzen, CTH F. C. Tan, DAR
J. E. Mehren, CHU

Examination in Computer Speech and Language Processing

A. J. Bearon, JN D. A. W. Pickford, G
J. H. Blum, Q S. F. Potter, TH
K. Y-H. Chan, CHR D. Povey, PET
K. K. Chin, DAR N. D. Smith, CHR
S. A. K. Durrani, CHU J. Tang, W
A. T. Graham, F R. P. Valenza, CHR
E. L. Kavishe, DOW M. A. Wightman, R
S. Marshall, CL A. N. Withers, R
D. M. Pearce, CHU

Examination in Education

P. Angelique-Page, R E. H. Mabasa, M
D. N. Ansell, DAR M. Maddock, N
H. Chang, W C. V. Mthembu, Q
B. Chapi, CHU N. Murji, W
S. M. Duedal, CLH N. H. Nguyen, CHU
D. R. Fisher, SID G. K-T. Oduro, G
J. R. R. Fletcher, M C. Petridou, DAR
O. Govender, M W. H. Ratcliffe, W
A. J. Graham, Q F. J. M. Rea, LC
N. J. Hartley, M E. M. Tafa, ED
B. N. E. Kadzuwa, HH P. L. B. Tam, CLH
O. I. Kuhns, HH R. G. C. Thomas, HH
R. K. Lewis, ED G. H. Yan, R

Examination in Engineering

J. P. Jiménez, W A. H. Yuwono, F
S. J. Shefelbine, CHU

Examination in Environment and Development

J. H. P. Antunes, DAR B. Li, F
A. J. Cavender, ED V. S. Saravanan, CC
Y. P. Chui, DOW S. L. Selby, DAR
Y. Y. A. Chung, DOW N. Sheriff, PEM
M. J. Gorman, TH K. S. Tovey, W
H. B. Hartwig, K J. Warman Diamant, DAR
A. M. Keck, JN L. A. Welford, N

Examination in Environmental Design in Architecture

A. Vargas Ruiz, DAR

Examination in Epidemiology

C. P. Bukutu, SID H. M. Kargbo, CHU
S. Carette, CC M. C. Morris, CAI
S. J. Cullum, HH P. J. Park, JN
A. R. Hart, DAR L. Solomon, DAR
A. Jaekel, G A. Yip, DAR
J. G. Johnson, Q

Examination in European Studies

L. Alaniz, Q J-P. Meyre, ED
A. Aleliūnaitė, SE W. Mulligan, CHR
D. R. Butler, SID A. Nicholls, CAI
A. V. Cziczovszki, NH H. C. Palubiak, ED
J. Galea, G J. S. Pearson, TH
T. Koukis, HH J. N. Sefton, CHR
M. A. Lawacz, W S. C. J. Wright, DOW
S. J. McCreath, Q

Examination in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing

S. Adu-Prah, SID K. A. Lenkeit, DAR
R. Bornman, M L. Mabuntana, HH
E. P. Edwards, DAR J. D. Prabaharan, ED
R. Frondoni, W T. Rajan Mathew, DOW
E. M. Kamau, W S. N. Sirimane, CLH
K. D. Kanniah, CLH E. Tabone-Adami, DOW

Examination in History of Medicine

M. J. Eamon, ED

Examination in International Relations

N. Arce-Sánchez, Q M. A. Johnson, PEM
M. Bahar, ED N. M. Joyce, SE
R. C. Beaumont, JN P. M. Lau, JN
L. W. Bellocchio, ED R. H. Lloyd-Jones, HH
S. R. Bergson, CAI J. R. McKelvey, F
D. J. Blair, CC S. L. McKenna, T
T. C. Bruner, CHU J. K. Malik, CLH
S. S. Cairncross, F J. Marriott, DAR
M-c. Chu, W H. Masuda, G
J. B. Clarkin, CHR A. J. Miller-Bakewell, TH
C. L. Clausen, PEM M. A. Morrison, CC
N. M. Clements, TH H-J. Oh, G
A. J. Coller, Q I. D. J. McH. Overton, CAI
S. Díaz Martínez, CHU P. A. Owens, CL
S. Di Feliciantonio, JN M-J. J. Poh, TH
C. Dowling, JN R. L. Richards, G
E. Eiran, Q G. T. C. Rigobert, CLH
D. M. Evans, JN M. Sano, EM
S. P. Farrington, DAR D. Šatara, M
J. Friederich, TH N. J. P. Siefring, M
D. I. Goldfarb, CLH O. Šimek, DOW
D. J. Heslam, HH P. A. Stack, Q
J. Hitotsumatsu, Q M. A. Surkova, DAR
B. E. B. Hygen, M Y-M. Y. To, G
C. S. Irwin, W

Examination in Latin-American Studies

C. Enriquez-Verdura, ED J. C. Riggs, Q
A. L. Groo, DAR E. Sirven, DAR
P. J. Lavelle, CHU P. W. Timmons, TH
E. P. E. Lithander, DAR

Examination in Management Studies

V. L. Nysaether, HH

Examination in Medical Sciences

A. Arora, W

Examination in Medieval History

C. D. Briggs, T J. B. Percival, CAI
S. Edwards, TH S. N. Thompson, ED
C. D. Fletcher, PEM E. R. Truitt, HH

Examination in Musical Composition

G. N. Pinder, K

Examination in Musicology

E. S. Gillen, EM S. R. Rose, W
A. Lamb, T K. Rusmanis, CAI
A. H. Leffert, EM J. J. Williams, CL
A. Plummer, CAI

Examination in Political Thought and Intellectual History

A. Maser, NH

Examination in Social Anthropology

A. Annist, DAR F. L. Metz, ED
K. R. Baker, SID A. F. Moser, CL
K. J. Darbyshire, W K. Okada, DAR
J. E. E. Hine, G J. Perry, LC
A. L. Hoare, DAR M. Tanabe, K
M. M. A. Khayyat, K S. Ullah, DAR
H. N. MacGregor, HH N. Wongthawatchai, G

Examination in Sociology and Politics of Modern Society

C. M. Hayles, CLH

Examination in Veterinary Science

S. H. Prankel, W

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Physics)

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Physics and Chemistry, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Natural Science (Physics) to the following:

J. J. Zhong, W

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Cambridge University Reporter, 11 November 1998
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