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Special 10 Wednesday 6 January 1999 Vol CXXIX


Additions and corrections

This list contains amendments of details, given in the Lecture-list published as Special No. 2, 2 October 1998, for courses to be given in both the Lent and Easter Terms. Corrections relate to the Lent Term (not the Easter Term as stated on p. 3) except where indicated.

Lecture-List online - details

The lecture-list is provided online in the form of an Adobe Acrobat PDF file as a trial for this academic year. Note that due to the large amount of information on each page, and hence the size of print used in the original publication, the PDF file may prove unwieldy for viewing on screen. In this situation, printing the required pages may be more useful. It is intended to provide a form of the lecture-list which is more appropriate for online use for the next academic year; any feedback would be welcome.

Notes on viewing PDF files are provided.


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