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Some particulars of the following vacancies may be seen at the University Registry, The Old Schools, during office hours:
The Queen's University of Belfast
Senior Lecturer/Consultant in Clinical Pharmacology
Lecturers in Aeronautical Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Molecular Biochemistry
University of Buckingham
Secretary and Registrar
University of Oxford
Lectureships in Plant Science, Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, Applied Social Studies
University of Portsmouth
University of Cape Town
Deans, Faculties of Health Sciences and Humanities
Dean/Professor, Faculty of Law
University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Lecturers/Assistant Lecturers in Mathematics, Palaeontology
University of Queensland
Professor of Transport Strategy and Director, Centre for Transport Strategy
University of Hong Kong
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
University of Auckland
Professor of Ophthalmology
Senior Lecturers/Lecturers in Law, Music Education
Senior Lecturers in Anatomical Pathology, Architectural Technology, Practice and Management
Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science (Human Anatomy)
University of Canterbury
Senior Lecturers/Lecturers in Painting, Graphic Design
Lecturer in History
University of Otago
Professors of Political Studies, English
Academic vacancies are also publicized on the NISS (National Information on Software and Services) Noticeboard at http://www.niss.ac.uk/noticeboard/jobs/.
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Cambridge University Reporter, 17 June 1998
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