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The Peter Brook Award, 1998, has been made jointly to D. R. Milner, Ph.D., CC, and R. C. Stockdale, B.A., CAI.

The Chaucer Reading Prize, 1998, has been awarded to S. I. Sobecki, W.

Isaac Newton Studentships. A. Cattaneo, M, A. E. Firth, T, K. S. Maisinger, TH, and C. Peroux, F, have been elected for two years from 1 October 1998. J. Brinchmann, CLH, and M. D. Hoenig, DAR, have been elected for one year from 1 October 1998.

Henry Ling Roth Scholarships have been awarded to M. A. Demian, CHU, S. L. Mullin Meissner, NH, P. M. Sikana, CHU, M. W. Sedgwick, K, and S. N. Groux, K.

Smith's, Rayleigh, and J. T. Knight Prizes. The Adjudicators consider that the following essays submitted for the Smith's, Rayleigh, and J. T. Knight Prizes are of distinction, and have classed them in five groups of equal merit.

Group 1

  A. Bejancu, T, 'Convergence Properties for Interpolation by Thin Plate Splines'

V. H. Hoàng, CHU, 'Homogenization of Singularity Perturbed Dirichlet Problems in Perforated Domains'

A. E. Holroyd, B.A., Q, 'Beyond Connectivity: Entanglement and Rigidity in Percolation Models'

O. Pikhurko, T, 'Minimum Saturated Hypergraphs', 'On Partitions of Posets into Edge-Disjoint Chains', and 'Extension of Metrics and Pseudometrics'

M. J. Walters, B.A., T, 'Some Results Relating to Discrepancy Theory'

Group 2

  S. M. Blanchflower, B.A., T, 'Modelling Photospheric Magnetoconvection'

J. A. Dee, B.A., CTH, 'Hecke Characters and Selmer Groups at Supersingular Primes'

P. R. Hiemer, T, 'Billiards and Percolation, Two Aspects of Modelling Nature'

T. S. H. Leinster, T, 'Structures in Higher-Dimensional Category Theory'

A. W. Rempel, TH, 'Frost Heave'

B. Szendroi, B.A., T, 'On the Torelli Problem of Calabi-Yau Manifolds'

D. K. H. Tan, JN, 'Rate Control for Communication Networks'

D. J. Wischik, B.A., T, 'Topics in Effective Bandwidths'

Group 3

  P. Bolchover, B.A., T, 'The Role of Solidification in Bladed Dykes: A Problem in Geological Fluid Mechanics'

K. K. Damodaran, JN, '[pi]3 Solitons from Gauge Field Theories'

F. De Rooij, T, 'Saline and Particle-Driven Interfacial Intrusions'

O. T. Johnson, B.A., Q, 'Entropy and Limit Theorems'

A. R. Mohebalhojeh, CHU, 'Potential Vorticity Inversion'

T. Prestidge, CAI, 'Virtual Black Holes'

U. A. Salam, B.A., JN, 'On Calabi-Yau Varieties in Higher Dimensions and the Deformations of Log-Extremal Contractions'

S. Slijepcevic, TH, 'Dynamical Characterisation of Existence of Invariant Circles'

R. W. Verrill, B.A., T, 'Positive Energy Representations of Twisted Loops in slN (C)1'

F. Wagner, T, 'Unified Treatment of EPR and Bell Arguments in Axiomatic Quantum Field Theory'

S. A. Wright, B.A., SE, 'The Interaction of Turbulence with a Propeller'

J-H. P. Wu, TH, 'Structure Formation Seeded by Cosmic Strings'

Group 4

  R. Bhattacharyya, B.A., T, 'Modular Elliptic Curves and p-adic L-Functions'

D. R. Brecher, F, 'Bound States of D-Branes and the Non-Abelian Born-Infeld Action'

T. J. Hunt, B.A., Q, 'Constructing a Flow with a Uniformly Hyperbolic Plykin Attractor'

G. M. Keith, DAR, 'The Radiated Acoustic Field from an Asymmetric Cylinder'

J. Sawon, T, 'Homomorphisms of Semi-Holonomic Verma Modules: An Exceptional Case'

C. T. Snydal, K, 'Relaxed Multilinear Categories of Representations of Vertex Groups'

Smith's Prizes are awarded to:

S. M. Blanchflower, B.A., T A. E. Holroyd, B.A., Q M. J. Walters, B.A., T
J. A. Dee, B.A., CTH B. Szendroi, B.A., T D. J. Wischik, B.A., T

Rayleigh Prizes are awarded to:

P. Bolchover, B.A., T O. T. Johnson, B.A., Q R. W. Verrill, B.A., T
R. Bhattacharyya, B.A., T U. A. Salam, B.A., JN S. A. Wright, B.A., SE
T. J. Hunt, B.A., Q

J. T. Knight Prizes are awarded to:

A. Bejancu, T G. M. Keith, DAR J. Sawon, T
D. R. Brecher, F T. S. H. Leinster, T S. Slijepcevic, TH
K. K. Damodaran, JN A. R. Mohebalhojeh, CHU C. T. Snydal, K
F. De Rooij, T O. Pikhurko, T D. K. H. Tan, JN
P. R. Hiemer, T T. Prestidge, CAI F. Wagner, T
V. H. Hoàng, CHU A. W. Rempel, TH J-H. P. Wu, TH

No Candidates: Hulsean Prize, 1998

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Cambridge University Reporter, 22 April 1998
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