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Allowances to candidates for examinations

The Council have made the following allowances to the candidates named below in the examinations shown against their names which were held in the Easter Term 1997:

Allowed the examination

  C. Devaney, CTH, English Tripos, Part I

J. F. Gillman, CTH, Natural Sciences Tripos, Part IB

A. L. Maddison, DOW, Natural Sciences Tripos, Part IA

R. Malhotra, T, Law Tripos, Part IB

A. F. McLoughlin, SID, Law Tripos, Part IB

D. J. Stacey, F, Geographical Tripos, Part IB

P. Wright, CHU, Natural Sciences Tripos, Part II (Physics)

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Cambridge University Reporter, 19th November 1997
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