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Darwin College

Elected into Official Fellowships:
  Jennifer Alice Clack, M.A. W, B.Sc., Ph.D. Newcastle.

Gillian Elaine Jones, B.A., Reading, M.Sc., Ph.D., Surrey.


The Governing Body of Darwin College proposes to elect a number of non-stipendiary Research Fellows, without limitation of subject, tenable for two years from 1 October 1998 and renewable for a third year. Candidates should be aged not more than thirty on 1 October 1998, but consideration will be given to persons over this age if they began their research at a significantly later age than usual, and to those who have interrupted their careers for family or other reasons. Candidates should either have a doctorate or have made substantial progress towards a doctorate or an equivalent qualification by that date. The successful candidates will be subject to the Statutes and Ordinances of the College, including the obligation to reside in Cambridge for at least two-thirds of each University term, unless excused by the Governing Body. They will become members of the Governing Body, and will have Fellows' dining rights. A small allowance will be made available annually towards research expenses.

 Further details are available from the Master's Secretary, Darwin College, Cambridge, CB3 9EU, or the College website http://www.dar.cam.ac.uk/. The closing date for applications is Monday, 5 January 1998.

The College follows an equal opportunities policy.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 5th November 1997
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