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Key Travel is the University’s preferred supplier for travel services.

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Booking Online - (via Key Travel website)

Register as a booker

When you have registered as a booker please follow the steps below to access the Key Travel online booking tools:

  • Go to
  • Click on 'Log in' on the right hand side
  • Click 'request new password'
  • Enter the email address you used when you registered.
  • Open email to obtain password
  • Re-login when you have received this via email
  • Click on ‘KT Online’ for Flights, Hotels and Eurostar and ‘Book UK Rail’ for Rail travel

All e mail enquiries should receive a response within 2 hours (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm).

If you wish to book travel by phone or your request is urgent please call the dedicated University of Cambridge team on 0161 819 9769 or

In order to provide you with a high level of service, it is recommended that you complete the traveller profile form before booking any travel as this can save time both when booking and travelling.

Please note that if you decide to use another agent to book your travel and they store any personal information, you should check that you have given your consent under the Data Protection Act for them to do this.

The University provides travel insurance for employees of Cambridge University and its subsidiary companies whilst travelling abroad on University of Cambridge business, and also for members of supervised departmental fieldtrips. Currently no charge is made for this cover, the costs will be met by the University's insurance budget. However, employees and departments (in the case of fieldtrips) are required to use the appropriate application process.


For more information about travelling, please see the Travel website.

Travel Refunds – Frequently Asked Questions

Airline Refunds – the reasons behind the delays

The airlines are largely falling into 3 main categories:

  1. Maintaining business as usual, and are allowing customers to process refunds. It is taking longer simply because of the huge numbers of people wanting refunds. (eg through the GDS) allow 1 month
  2. A group of airlines have blocked refunds through the normal channels and customers are having to apply directly to the airline for refunds (eg no GDS) – allow 3 months
  3. Airlines that are offering no immediate refunds, neither cash nor vouchers, wth a refund sometime in the future – allow up to 12 months

To date, there has been a 95% drop in bookings, equivalent to £3tn, which is 4% of the global GDP.

Why are Travel Management Services taking so long to refund me?

The Travel Management Services are all refunding any money from airlines as soon as they have it. The delays are being caused by the airlines, due to the huge numbers of cancellations they are processing.

Why am I getting a voucher or credit note?

The airlines simply don’t have the money to make cash refunds. By issuing vouchers they are attempting not to go into liquidation.

Isn’t this against the law?

Yes, the airlines know it and they also know that changing the terms of booking after issuing the ticket is also against the law, but they’re doing that too. The independent travel bodies, IATA etc, are petitioning the EU to alter the law regarding refunds to prevent the collapse of any airlines.

Why is taking so long to get my refund?

Because of the sheer numbers of cancellations and people trying to get their money back.

What happens if I get a voucher and the airline then collapses?

At present, the vouchers and credit notes are not indemnified, so you would lose that money. This is where you can either claim via credit card, or via your insurance. This is being addressed by the Business Travel Association.

I’ve been issued a voucher, but that traveller won’t be taking that journey now? Can I transfer the balance?

Each airline is operating slightly differently, so you’d need to check the status of each voucher. This is also being addressed by the Business Travel Association to allow the vouchers to be redeemed by any other traveller on any other route.