Framework Contracts/Preferred Suppliers

The University's Procurement Services team maintains a database of Framework Contracts/Preferred suppliers with web links to information on specific products and services available against those supplier contracts see:

Preferred suppliers should be used wherever possible.

As part of managing supply base, the University classifies its suppliers in accordance with the following descriptions (in descending order of importance):

Preferred A supplier who has been awarded a contract following a competitive process and managed by Procurement Services.
See Definition of a Framework Contract/Preferred Supplier
Approved A supplier who provides University wide goods/services which has a contract/terms agreed by Procurement Services and which may be on the Marketplace but was not competitively tendered.
EMBS Listed A supplier who is on Estate Management list.
Preferred Catering Provider A catering supplier who has passed the registration process with the Head of Operations, Business Services, Estate Management.
Unclassified Any supplier which is on CUFS and has not been allocated any other status.
Inactive Any supplier who has not been used for 18 months.
Deactivated A **supplier who should not be used due to insolvency or name change etc. Deactivated suppliers cannot be reactivated.

For details of Approved Suppliers who may appear on the Marketplace, contact Procurement Services.

Supplier Performance and Feedback

Procurement Service welcomes feedback on the quality of Framework Contract/Preferred supplier products and services. Please email any comments or issues you may have regarding a particular supplier, product or service to