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Procurement Services

We're currently changing our communications and engagement style, along with the technical content of this site to focus on providing you with easy informative access to the information and guidance you need in a way you can use. We're rolling this out over the next few months and whilst we're doing this please bear with us.

In the interim, the team, from Emma Grosvenor Myer as our administrator, through to the four key sub teams, will be happy to help you in any of the following areas:

1. Direct category (goods, works & services directly involved with teaching, research or departmental business from a medical, technical, engineering and/or scientific basis) team led by Alison Ford and including Murray Papworth and Tom Twitchett.

2. Indirect category team led by Jen Waterfield; including Heather Ajimi (facilities - catering, cleaning, hospitality, nursery & security), Jeff Pearce - IT/AV, and Anita Wilson (business administration - professional services, travel, print & furniture).

3. Reporting & governance led by Gideon Coles who is looking after communications, governance, reporting and engagement along with Emma.

4. e-Procurement led by Janice Sutton including Heather Twinn who look after the iProc (Market Place) service as well as new supplier requests.

Please feel free to contact us on 01223 (3)32233 or via Procurement if you have a query and cannot find the answer easily on the pages that follow.

Many thanks,

Helen Wain, Head of Procurement