Application Process for Graduate Students registered with the University by the Board of Graduate Studies

Board of Graduate Studies students should use this system to declare their travel plans. Once you have entered the required data the system will automatically issue you with a letter from the University Insurance Manager confirming that you have insurance for your trip. You should keep the letter of confirmation of insurance in a safe place as it contains important information you will need in the event of a claim. You may also be asked to provide confirmation of travel insurance when entering the country you intend to visit or when applying for a visa.

During the application process you will be asked to provide:

  • Department
  • Your University Student number (find this via Self Service number of CAMSIS)
  • The countries to be visited
  • The dates of your journey
  • The purpose of your journey
  • Confirmation of good health and that where you have a medical condition your doctor has agreed to the trip.
  • Confirmation that you are in compliance with the Board of Graduate Studies procedures for Working Away from Cambridge. Find these on the Board of Graduates Studies web pages.

For more information please see: