Advisory Committee on Committee Membership and External Nominations (ACCMEN)

The Advisory Committee was set up in 2010 to take over the functions of two previous bodies: the Committee on Committees, and the Nominations Committee. The former dealt with membership of Council Committees, and the latter with the membership of other University bodies and representatives on external bodies, as well as recommending nominations to Council for approval. Appointments are made by the University Council to a number of internal and external bodies (Courts, Boards, Syndicates, Committees, etc., as published in the Officers Number of the Reporter).

Most business is dealt with by circulation, with recommendations being submitted for the Council’s consideration in the weekly Council Circular. Meetings are held once a term, chaired by the Deputy Chair of the Advisory Committee.

A full meeting of the Committee takes place each year towards the end of Michaelmas Term (after the biennial half elections of members to Council in even years), chaired by the Vice-Chancellor and attended by the Deputy Chair of the Council. At this meeting, Council Committee structures, responsibility and membership are reviewed.

The Council invites senior members of the University to contact Dee Vincent, Clerk to the Advisory Committee on Committee Membership and External Nominations, Registrary's Office, The Old Schools (email, if they are interested in being considered in a particular area of interest and/or expertise, or for a particular vacancy. It would be helpful if members could forward a short resume, including any University or College office held, for information. The Council will not necessarily appoint all those who volunteer, nor will appointments be restricted to those whose names come forward in this way.