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Filming for LifeLab

LifeLab Kidology

Just what are these kids talking about?! Join our scientist teams as they try to guess the science topic as described by a group of children. Do they know what it is? Does anyone? Relive an 80s gameshow classic with a special science spin.

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Wed 25 April 6:00PM - 7:30PM

St Catharine's Political Economy Seminar Series - John McCombie

Talk Title: 'Why there will Never be a Complete Consensus in Macroeconomics: A Tale of Group Thinking and Paradigms'. All are welcome. The seminar series is supported by the Cambridge Journal of Economics and the Economics and Policy Group at the Cambridge Judge Business School

Thu 26 April 6:30PM - 8:00PM

Richard Murphy - Why tax can change everything by 2027

Richard Murphy presents his personal, positive vision - and then leads discussion - on how we can overhaul Britain's tax system (and international tax arrangements) to build a fairer country for all in 2027.

Fri 27 April 2:00PM

Sustainability, Natural Resources and International Law

Interested in International Law, Sustainable Development or Natural Resources Governance? Hoping to hear from World-Class Experts on Recent Trends, Challenges & Innovations?