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Katharine Cashman FRS and Emma Stibbon RA at Spike Island, Bristol in 2018.

Creative Connections: Portraits of Women Scientists and Artists

An exhibition of photographic portraits of female scientists and artists.

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Summer (light blue), 1997.


Fri 1 March - Sun 19 May


‘The day to day reality is one of dirty hands, bad backs, beautiful colours, seductive papers and, above all surprises from the artists, those magicians. That's why one does this stuff; This Is Important.’

Ever since he co-founded the Manchester Print Workshop in 1975, Master Printer Kip Gresham has been helping artists realise their visions in the medium of print. The Art of Collaboration celebrates over 40 years of artistic partnerships with giants of the British and international art world, featuring work by 21 Royal Academicians. From the collages of Eduardo Paolozzi and Peter Blake, to the graphic approaches of Elisabeth Frink and Paula Rego, Kip Gresham is an interpreter of artists’ vocabularies, helping them to create works that are unmistakably theirs, in a timeless medium. Kip Gresham’s studio history is also a journey of collaboration with leading printmakers and technological experts, which continues today at the The Print Studio, Cambridge.

Gillian Ayres • Wilhelmina Barns-Graham • John Bellany • Peter Blake • Willard Boepple • Michael Brick • Stephen Chambers • Prunella Clough • Alan Davie • Jane Dixon • Barry Flanagan • Elisabeth Frink • Anthony Frost • Terry Frost • Susan Hiller • Antony Gormley • Peter Griffin •John Hoyland • James Hugonin • Ellen Lanyon • Kim Lim • Richard Long • John McLean • Mali Morris • Humphrey Ocean • Claes Oldenburg • Eduardo Paolozzi • Cornelia Parker • Bryan Pearce • Patrick Procktor • Carol Robertson • Paula Rego • Michael Rothenstein • Betye Saar • Kiki Smith • Trevor Sutton • Joe Tilson • William Turnbull • Alison Wilding • Paul Wunderlich

1975 Set up Manchester Print Workshop with Steve Currie
1982 Set up Chilford Hall Press, Cambridge with Sam Alper
1989 Merger with Curwen Press resulting in Curwen Chilford Prints Ltd
1994 Left to set up Gresham Studio, Duxford
2002 Set up The Print Studio, Cambridge

The Heong Gallery at Downing College opened in February 2016 as a new gallery for exhibitions of modern and contemporary art. The Gallery was designed by Caruso St John Architects (winners of RIBA Stirling Prize 2016) and so named in gratitude for the generous benefaction of Alwyn Heong. It won a RIBA East Award 2017.

Previous Exhibitions:
Generation Painting 1955–65: British Art from the Collection of Sir Alan Bowness • Ai Weiwei: Cubes and Trees • Portraits of Place: Works from Kettle’s Yard & Richard Long • When the Heavens Meet the Earth: Selected Works from Robert Devereux’s Sina Jina Collection • The Best of All Possible Worlds: Quentin Blake and The Folio Society • Dame Elisabeth Frink: Larger than Life • Stephen Chambers: The Court of Redonda • Do I Have to Draw You a Picture? • Stuart Pearson Wright: Halfboy

Cost: FREE

Ages: All ages

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No need to book.

Enquiries: Prerona Prasad Website Email: gallery@dow.cam.ac.uk Telephone: 01223334800


12:00pm-5:00pm Wednesday-Sunday every week from Friday 1 March until Sunday 19 May

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