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A robin, one of the the British species whose genome is being sequenced as part of the 25 genome Project.

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The natural world around us is a curious place! Visit the Genome Gallery during one of the Wellcome Genome Campus Open Saturdays to explore our latest family-friendly exhibition, and discover how genome sequencing is helping us uncover much more about it.

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Guest at the Private View of Generation Z

Generation Z -

Thu 8 November - Fri 21 December

Alison Richard Building

The Centre of African Studies, African Studies Library, and Art@ARB (CRASSH) are proudly hosting the following exhibition on the third floor of the Alison Richard Building. The display runs through the Centre and the Library itself, where Kerstin has spent many hours performing her research for her PhD, writing an award winning conference paper, and a subsequent book chapter on the photographic series.

“Generation Z” - A photography exhibition by Kerstin Hacker
The photographic series Generation Z documents the changing urban experience in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia.

Generation Z combines the acknowledgement of Hacker’s own European visual heritage with the experience of extended stays in Lusaka. She asks viewers to contemplate change in Zambia and dismantle neo-colonial visual discourses.

In August 2017, the Generation Z series was exhibited at the Henry Tayali Gallery in Zambia, by invitation of the Visual Arts Council of Zambia. The Generation Z series was originally aimed at a British audience, however, it also sparked debate amongst Zambian photographers on how to develop methods of showing a wider, more diverse view, which highlights the country’s unique character. The discussions highlighted that Zambia’s visual identity outside the country, and to some extent within the country, is often based on a stereotypical African narrative, which was felt not to reflect life experienced within Zambia. It is therefore not a question of if Generation Z represents of modern Africa ‘correctly’, but if they contribute to the debate on how Zambia could be represented.

Kerstin Hacker is a photo documentarist and academic. Her work is published and exhibited internationally. She is a recipient of the Agfa/Emma Female Photojournalist of the Year Award, is an Alexia Foundation alumna and is a Fellow of the Research Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP). Please see her personal website here: https://kerstinhacker.org/zambia/

The exhibition will run Monday-Friday, 09:00-17:00, until 21 December 2018.

Cost: Free

Ages: All ages

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Enquiries: Jenni Skinner Website Email: js454@cam.ac.uk Telephone: 01223334398


9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday every week from Thursday 8 November until Friday 21 December

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