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Degas: a passion for perfection

The Fitzwilliam Museum will mark the centenary of Degas’s death with an exhibition that will exhibit its holdings of works by the artist – the most extensive and representative in the UK.

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Julia Ball, Fen

Complementing Solitude

Mon 3 April - Fri 26 May

Alison Richard Building

This exhibition showcases works by two Cambridge artists from different generations, who are approaching colour, material and abstraction in contrasting ways. The exhibition aims to span these differences and to create interesting visual conversations in the spaces of the Alison Richard Building.

Julia Ball was born in Devon in 1930. She trained at Reading University as a printmaker and has lived in Cambridge since the early 1960s. The East Anglian coast has influenced her work with its spectacular space, light and colour. Agnes Martin and Winifred Nicholson have also both been influential in her work. Julia is represented in the Kettle’s Yard as well as the New Hall art collections.

Loukas Morley studied photography and cinematography at college; the multiple layers found in his paintings bearing reference to the layering of narratives, colour, compilation and framing. He is spare and precise in his work; his paintings are like traces of a performance that took place in his studio. The materiality of paint and its physical relationship with the body, enable him to choreograph compositions that are the tangible placements of his mark making. Loukas is currently artist in residence at Christs College, University of Cambridge.

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