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Filming for LifeLab

LifeLab Kidology

Just what are these kids talking about?! Join our scientist teams as they try to guess the science topic as described by a group of children. Do they know what it is? Does anyone? Relive an 80s gameshow classic with a special science spin.

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Free speech and non-human speakers

Mon 18 September 2017

Trinity Hall

We share our world with powerful and vocal non-human agents, such as corporations and, increasingly, AI-based systems of various kinds. Should such agents have a 'right' to free expression, analogous to that of human agents? If not, what restrictions are appropriate in a democratic society, and how should they be imposed?

Join philosophers Professor Rae Langton (Cambridge) and Professor Philip Pettit (Princeton), and political theorist Professor Toni Erskine (UNSW), for a conversation about these fascinating and timely questions.

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Ages: 16+

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Mon 18 September 2017 5:30PM - 7:00PM


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