Statutes and Ordinances of the University of Cambridge

The Ordinances contained in this Chapter are Ordinances of the General Board


Conditions of award.

1. The Diploma in Management Studies shall be awarded to a member of the University, qualified under Regulation 2, who has diligently attended the course of instruction prescribed by the Faculty Board of Business and Management, which shall extend over one academical year, and who has satisfied the Examiners in the examination for the Diploma as defined in the following regulations; provided that he or she has kept three terms. For this purpose a candidate who is a graduate of the University may count previous residence in statu pupillari.

Standing of candidates.

2. A candidate for the Diploma must be approved by the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Business and Management, who shall assign to each candidate a date of commencement of candidature. No one shall be a candidate for the Diploma who has been a candidate for the Management Studies Tripos; no one shall be a candidate in the same year both for the Diploma in Management Studies and for another diploma or for any honours examination, and no one shall be a candidate for the Diploma in Management Studies on more than one occasion.

Scheme of examination.

3. The examination for the Diploma shall consist of:

  1. (a) written papers as follows:55

M1. Marketing and organizational behaviour.


M2. Quantitative methods and operations management.


M3. Economics and finance.

  1. (b) course-work, as specified in Regulation 4;
  2. (c) a report of a research project undertaken by the candidate, as specified in Regulation 5.

4. The Examiners shall take into account such course-work done by candidates as shall from time to time be determined by the Faculty Board of Business and Management. For this purpose the Director of the Judge Institute of Management shall present to the Examiners a detailed report on the performance of each candidate in this course-work. Details of the work required of candidates shall be published by the Faculty Board by Notice in the Judge Institute not later than the beginning of the Full Michaelmas Term preceding the examination.

5. Each candidate shall submit to the Examiners, not later than the last Monday of Full Easter Term, a report of a research project, of not more than 3,000 words, excluding footnotes and bibliography. The subject of the research project shall be chosen from a list of approved subjects which shall be announced by the Director of the Judge Institute not later than the last day of Full Lent Term. Reports shall be in typewritten form (unless a candidate has obtained permission from the Faculty Board to present a report in manuscript). Each candidate will be required to sign a declaration that the project and the report on it are his or her own work, unaided except as may be specified in the declaration, and that the report does not contain material that has already been used to any substantial extent for a comparable purpose; if two or more candidates have undertaken a project in collaboration, they will each be required to indicate the extent of their contribution.


6. The Faculty Board shall nominate such number of Examiners as they deem sufficient. The Faculty Board shall also have power to nominate one or more Assessors to the Examiners.


7. In the list of successful candidates special excellence in the examination shall be recognized by the award of a mark of distinction.

Form of Diploma.

8. The Diploma shall be in the following form:

THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT            having satisfied the preliminary conditions and having been admitted to the examination appointed by the University of Cambridge has been approved56         by the Examiners and has been awarded the Diploma in Management Studies.


9. While studying in the University for the Diploma a candidate shall pay the appropriate University Composition Fee for each term of such study.

Supplementary regulations.

10. The Faculty Board shall have power to define or limit by supplementary regulations any or all of the subjects of examination, and to modify or alter any such supplementary regulations as occasion may require.

Relation to courses of research.

11. A student who has taken the examination for the Diploma shall not be entitled to count the period or any part of the period during which he or she has been a candidate for the Diploma towards a course of research for the degree of Ph.D., M.Sc., or M.Litt.


  1. 54. This Diploma is currently suspended.a
  2. 55. These papers are Papers M1–3 from the Management Studies Tripos.a
  3. 56. Insert with Distinction if the candidate has been awarded a mark of distinction.a