HE Access Funds and Financial Hardship Support

These web pages provide information for both current and prospective students of the University about a range of funding, additional to statutory and other state support, that is available to students who find themselves in need of extra financial assistance or who are otherwise facing exceptional or unexpected financial hardship. The information here may also prove useful to the parents/guardians/advisers of students, as well as to college Tutors and other staff.

Information is provided in particular about the Access to Learning Fund, the principal Government HE access and hardship fund, as well as about other grants and awards that are administered centrally. This includes information about Crane’ Benefaction, the University’s principal medical charity, and the Bell, Abbott, and Barnes Funds.

The material published here supplements the specific information about statutory and other state financial support, and about institutional schemes, provided by the Cambridge Admissions Office in respect of undergraduate students (statutory funding, access awards under the Cambridge Bursary Scheme, etc.), and by the Board of Graduate Studies in respect of Graduate Students (research councils and similar awarding institutions, studentships and awards offered by the University, the Cambridge Trusts, etc.). See below for information about CamFunds, the University's online directory of awards; see also Central University Funds. Details about statutory funding can be found on the DirectGov – Education and Learning website.

CamFunds (Cambridge Funding Directory)

The University offers many funding opportunities internally for both prospective and current students, undergraduate and graduate. Details of the various awards, scholarships, hardship funds and other student support funds can be found in CamFunds, the online directory of awards and funds administered by the University (including Departments, Faculties, Colleges, central offices and other internal sponsors). To search the database, go to 'Cambridge Funding Search' at http://webservices.admin.cam.ac.uk/camfunds/.

Information about College awards can be found on the Admissions Office website at /proxyadmissions/undergraduate/finance/colleges.html.

Students with disabilities

Students with a disability may be eligible for the Government's Disabled Students' Allowances, to help with costs incurred as a direct result of their disability.

The e-Disability Resource Centre provides details of a range of financial support for students with disabilities including: Disabled Students' Bursary Fund; International Disabled Students' Fund; Charlie Bayne Travel Trust; Student Disability Assistance Fund; Snowdon Award Scheme.

The Access to Learning Fund is available for 'Home' students who face exceptional costs, unforeseen or unforeseeable financial hardship, or emergency situations.

Students with dependent children

The Childcare Office publishes information about Government and University financial provision for students with children, and produces the Cambridge Guide for Student Parents.

The Office provides information about the Central Childcare Bursary Scheme, which offers limited, means-tested financial assistance towards the costs of registered or approved childcare to EU and Overseas students at participating colleges. ‘Home’ students with dependent children are a priority group for support from the Access to Learning Fund. The Fund can provide assistance, for instance, with formal childcare costs (childcare that is 'registered' or 'approved' by an appropriate regulatory body, e.g. OFSTED) and/or informal childcare costs (subject to directives on informal childcare) that are not met by statutory or other funding.