Disability Resource Centre (DRC)

About the Disability Access Guide

The Cambridge University Disability Access Guide does exactly what it says — offers you a guide to access facilities around the University. Like any guide, it is in no way a substitute for actually visiting, seeing for yourself, and talking to people in the know. But it should give you an idea of where to start.

This guide contains practical access information about areas in which students, staff and visitors to the University are likely to find themselves. Most Colleges, Faculties, Departments, Research Centres, Sites, Shared Buildings, Central Libraries, Administration and Support Centres and the University's Sport and Social facilities are covered.

If you have any sort of physical, visual or hearing impairment, if you are elderly, or have a specific learning difficulty, an allergy, young children in prams and buggies, or any other access requirement, you can use this guide. Although it is sometimes easier to talk about ‘disabled access’, you don't have to class yourself as officially ‘disabled’.

The unique way in which the University is organised, with Colleges, Faculties and Departments having a great degree of autonomy, means that there is huge variety in the access facilities available. There is, however, one important characteristic which is shared by all — a willingness to help. Don't be shy to discuss for any adaptations you might need, and to give honest feedback on what you experience and the service you receive.

Every effort has been made to try to ensure that information is accurate and up to date. But access is a fast-changing world, and there will inevitably be errors and outdated information hidden in the guide. Please tell us about them so we can update the records and the website, and please let us know any suggestions or ideas about how to improve the layout or content of the Access Guide. You can also browse through a printed copy in the Disability Resource Centre, and find out about the wealth of helpful advice and information provided there.

The Disability Resource Centre is open 9am–5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am–4pm Friday. You can contact us with any queries at:

Keynes House, Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1QA
01223 332301
01223 766863