Childcare Office

Child Protection Whistleblowing Policy

This guidance is written for all employees and volunteers working at Playscheme and should be read in conjunction with the Public Disclosure by University Employees ‘Whistleblowing Policy’.

Playworkers must acknowledge their individual responsibilities to bring matters of concern to the attention of the Playscheme Co-ordinator, the Manager of Childcare Services and/or relevant agencies. Although this can be difficult this is particularly important where the welfare of children may be at risk.

You may be the first to recognise that something is wrong but may not feel able to express your concern out of a feeling that this would be disloyal to colleagues or you may fear harassment or victimisation. These feelings, however natural, must never result in a child or young person continuing to be unnecessarily at risk. Remember it is often the most vulnerable children or young people who are targeted. These children need someone like you to safeguard their welfare.

Don't think what if I am wrong—think what if I am right.

Reasons for whistle blowing

  • Each individual has a responsibility for raising concerns about unacceptable practice or behaviour.
  • To prevent the problem worsening or widening.
  • To protect or reduce risks to others.
  • To prevent becoming implicated yourself.

What stops people from whistleblowing?

  • Starting a chain of events which spirals.
  • Disrupting the work or project.
  • Fear of getting it wrong.
  • Fear of repercussions or damaging careers.
  • Fear of not being believed.

How to raise a concern

  • You should voice your concerns, suspicions or uneasiness as soon as you feel you can. The earlier a concern is expressed the easier and sooner it is possible for action to be taken.
  • Try to pinpoint what practice is concerning you and why.
  • Approach someone you trust and who you believe will respond.
  • Make sure you get a satisfactory response—don't let matters rest.
  • Put your concerns in writing on a ‘Confidential Incident Record’ form.
  • Discuss your concerns with the Playscheme Co-ordinator or Manager of Childcare Services.
  • A member of staff is not expected to prove the truth of an allegation, but you will need to demonstrate sufficient grounds for the concern.
  • The Playscheme Co-ordinator or Manager of Childcare Services will undertake an investigation into your concerns and offer you support.

People to contact

Playscheme Co-ordinator/Deputy
07985 735725/07980 919108
01223 764186
Manager of Childcare Services
01223 765305
07929 381184

Policy reviewed 6 December 2011.