Childcare Office

Trips, Outings and Visits Policy

The Cambridge Universities’ Holiday Playscheme (CUHP) believes that visits and outings play an important and enriching role in the programme of activities that we provide for children.

A Risk Assessment will be carried out for any trip. This should include consideration of the journey, any transportation involved, and contingency arrangements in case of break down, illness et cetera.

The Playscheme Co-ordinator will request all relevant information and a Risk Assessment statement from the venue (where available). Risk Assessment findings will be shared with all those attending the trip.

CUHP will ensure that the activities planned are covered through CUHP insurance.

CUHP will make every effort to involve children in the planning of visits and outings. Playworkers will explain to children the purpose of the trip, along with what is expected of them in terms of their behaviour.

Children will be talked through any potential safety hazards and told to remain with Playworkers at all times.

All children will be given a sticker/badge/wristband with CUHP name and contact number. Playworkers will explain to children what to do in an emergency, including designating a suitable meeting point.

Parental Consent

CUHP will only allow children on a trip when permission has been granted by parents.

Parents have the absolute right to withhold consent for a proposed visit or outing. Children without consent will not be allowed to participate in off-site trips, excursions or outings.

During visits and outings

The minimum ratio will be 1 Playworker for every 5 children under 8 years of age; a similar ratio should be applied for older children. Where appropriate and all children are over 11 years of age a ratio of 1 Playworker for every 10 Children may be applied; subject to the nature of the activity and Risk Assessment.

Before setting out, all Playworkers involved in the trip hold a meeting to discuss the trip and safety procedures. A trip leader will be appointed and will have overall responsibility whilst off CUHP premises.

Children will remain under close supervision at all times.

CUHP will ensure that a First Aid kit is on hand and a First Aider is present.

Designated Playworkers will trip mobile phones with them at all times and their numbers will be circulated to the Site Co-ordinator in advance of the visits and outings in case of an emergency.

A register will be taken as necessary and regular head counts will be made by Playworkers.

A list of all Playworkers and children participating in the trip or outing, along with relevant mobile phone numbers, will be taken with the Playworkers leading the trip and a copy left on CUHP premises.

After visit and outings

Playworkers will carry out a review of the trip to identify the following

  • Did the children enjoy the trip?
  • Was the trip appropriate for the children?
  • Did the timings work?
  • Did the Playworkers ratios work?
  • Were there any safety issues

Playworkers will ensure that children and are also involved in the review and will ensure their opinions are considered for future trips.

Policy reviewed 14 December 2011.