Childcare Office

Risk Assessment Policy

We understand the importance of ensuring that systems are in place for checking that The Cambridge Universities' Holiday Playscheme (CUHP) is a safe and secure place for children, staff and other visitors. Our risk assessment procedures are part of a continuous process to prevent any dangerous incidents taking place. They are the responsibility of all staff as part of their daily duties.

In accordance with our duties under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, CUHP is required to undertake regular risk assessments and take any necessary action arising from these according to provisions set out in the Health and Safety policy and elsewhere.

The Playscheme Co-ordinator (with the support of the Site Co-ordinators) is responsible for making sure that risk assessments are completed, logged and effectively monitored. Reviews are conducted when there is any change to equipment or resources, any change to CUHP's premises, or when the particular needs of a child or other visitor necessitates this.

The Playscheme Co-ordinator is further responsible for conducting any necessary reviews or making changes to CUHP's policies or procedures in the light of any potential risks that they or other members of staff discover.

A visual inspection of entire premises (both indoor and outside), and any equipment used by CUHP, will be carried out daily. This will, ordinarily, be carried out by the Playworkers on arrival, before children arrive.

During the session, Playworkers will be vigilant and continuously aware of any potential risks to health and safety arising from the CUHP environment both inside and out and all surfaces and floors inside and out and all equipment used by children and Playworkers.

On discovering a hazard, Playworkers will take all steps necessary to make themselves, and any other people potentially affected, safe.

The Playscheme Co-ordinator is then responsible for ensuring that any necessary action is taken.

Recording Accidents, Incidents and Dangerous Occurrences

All accidents, incidents and dangerous occurrences will be recorded either on the Incident Record or Accident Record Sheets on the same day as the event took place. The record will be kept on the Playscheme site until the end of Playscheme. After this, records will be kept in the Childcare Office and, where appropriate, a copy sent to the University of Cambridge Health and Safety Division. CUHP accident records will be tracked and monitored in order to see regular occurrences or trends that necessitate action.

Records must contain:

  • The time, date and nature of the incident, accident or dangerous occurrence.
  • Details of the people involved.
  • The type, nature and location of any injury sustained.
  • The action taken and by whom.
  • The signature of the member of staff who dealt with the event, any witnesses and countersignature by the parents of the children involved.

Policy reviewed 6 December 2011.