Childcare Office

Partnership with Parents Policy

The Cambridge Universities' Holiday Playscheme (CUHP) is committed to working in partnership with parents to provide high-level quality care and safe and stimulating play opportunities for children.

CUHP aims to achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that all parents are made to feel welcome and valued in all dealings with CUHP.
  • Ensuring that CUHP staff listen to parents concerns whenever they are raised. The Playscheme Co-ordinator will ensure that parents receive a prompt response from CUHP.
  • Communicating special events and sharing information that may impact on CUHP users.
  • Records and information will be made available to parents on written request, unless subject to an exemption e.g. if an investigation is in process by the police or other statutory agencies.
  • Ensuring that CUHP policies and procedures are made available to parents.
  • Acknowledging parents comment on CUHP policies and procedures and consulting them on a regular basis about the play and activities that are provided for their children.
  • Ensuring that there are regular opportunities for parents to meet with staff and discuss their child's progress and any problems that they might be encountering. Meetings can be arranged at the convenience of the parents.
  • Ensuring that any complaints from parents are dealt with swiftly and effectively according to the Complaints Policy.
  • Encouraging parents to undertake supportive roles in CUHP, such as volunteering or participating in activities, visits or outings.
  • Encouraging parents to contribute to the running of CUHP, including offering feedback to improve the services or leading an activity.
  • Providing parents with formal and, if necessary, confidential means to comment on the work of CUHP.
  • Keeping parents updated with any changes in the operation of CUHP, such as alterations to the opening times or fee levels.

Policy reviewed 6 December 2011.