Childcare Office

Healthy Eating Policy

Cambridge Universities' Holiday Playscheme (CUHP) is committed to providing healthy, nutritious and tasty food and drink for children during our sessions. Playscheme will make every effort to ensure that food and drink is safely prepared and sensitive to the dietary needs and religious/cultural preferences of the children.

When preparing food and drink, Playworkers regard the provisions of the Health and Safety policy.

Wherever possible, Playworkers undertake Food Hygiene training, and are appropriately inducted in food storage, preparation, as well as cooking food safety.

Parents are required to complete the registration form, including information about any special dietary requirements or allergies the child suffers from, along with their food and drink preferences.

Healthy Eating

The Playworkers at the club will make every effort to promote healthy eating and will lead by example when providing daily snacks.

  • CUHP gives reference to the School's Food Trust Guidance when preparing food and planning menus.
  • Playworkers will discuss with children the importance of a balanced diet where appropriate.
  • Children will, wherever possible, be involved in the planning of menus.
  • CUHP will ensure that snack time incorporates plenty of fruit, low-fat and low-sugar foods.
  • Where snacks include meat, vegetarian and vegan options will be available.
  • CUHP will not regularly provide sweets for children.
  • Excessive amounts of fatty or sugary foods will be avoided.
  • CUHP will provide a choice of healthy drinks.
  • Fresh drinking water will be available.
  • Particular dietary requirements will be met by embracing medical, cultural and religious needs.
  • Children are introduced to religious and cultural festivals and events through different foods and drink.
  • Children will eat food in a smoke free environment at all times.

Packed Lunches

Playworkers make every effort to promote healthy eating and will lead by example when providing snacks.

  • Healthy packed lunches are encouraged—information is available to parents upon request.
  • CUHP is not able to provide refrigeration for or heating of foods provided for children's packed lunches.
  • Due to the non-contact nature of nut allergies, CUHP is a nut-free setting and insists that for the well-being of individuals in our care nuts are not included in packed lunches.
  • CUHP may challenge any perceived inadequacy or inappropriateness of packed provided for children.

Policy reviewed 6 December 2011.