Childcare Office

University of Cambridge Holiday Playscheme

The University of Cambridge Holiday Playscheme is run by the University of Cambridge, under the care of the Playscheme Co-ordinator, Vicky Cornwell. Playscheme provides childcare and play opportunities for school aged children who have started at reception to fifteen years old in the state school holiday periods (excluding Christmas and Bank Holidays).

Upcoming dates

  • October: 27-31 October 2014
  • February: 16-20 February 2015
  • Easter: 30 March-10 April as well as 13-17 April (St Mary’s only)
  • May: 25-29 May
  • Summer: 23 July-tbc as well as 3-22 July (St Mary’s only)

Venues for Playscheme


Booking for October Playscheme commences on 10th September for University of Cambridge staff and students, Cambridge Assessment staff, Cambridge University Press staff, and parents of children attending St Mary’s Junior School. College staff and general public booking will commence on 1st October.

Advance booking will close on 20th October. Bookings made after the advance booking period will be subject to a charge of £2.50 per child per day. This is a change to our previous late booking fee.

Opening Times

Please be aware that our session times are:

  • 08.15-17.45 for a full day
  • 08.15-13.00 for a morning session
  • 13.00–17.45 for an afternoon session

If you are late collecting your child/ren you will be charged a standard late fee of 50p per minute.  This is a change in our policy from the 50p per minute per child.

Useful information

At Chesterton, we will be back to the hall we were using at the start of the summer holiday. At Fawcett we will be continuing to operate out of the  mobile unit area, so please use the large black gate at the end of the car park to access the site. It is likely we will continue to run Playscheme from here until 2015 whilst Fawcett carry out extensive building works. We are also very excited to announce that we are opening a new site at St Mary’s Junior School.
For safeguarding purposes, your child will no longer be allowed to have a mobile phone or other electronic device with them at Playscheme (excluding DS Day). If you want to provide them with a mobile phone then this needs to be given to the staff on site to store safely. Children will be able to access it for appropriate reasons. If an over 11s room is open, then staff may deem it acceptable for them to use any phones or electronic devices in this area.

Mailing List

Many of you are now receiving your booking information via email. All parents should have now received information regarding the postal mailing list. Booking forms and information for Playscheme will now be available from either the University web pages or via the emailing list.

We will only send paper copies if no computer access is available.


Having parents and children's feedback on Playscheme is very useful to us and helps everyone to be involved in the decision making for activities.

Please email us if you have any good ideas or complete the feedback questionnaires available on site.