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Cambridge Home and EU Scholarship Scheme (CHESS)

We are pleased to announce the following new collaborations in 2014 for the MPhil competition
  • Newton CHESS MPhil Scholarship Scheme providing up to 50 additional awards
  • AHRC MPhil Scholarships providing up to 10 awards
  • In this section

The competition supported approximately 100 UK and EU graduate students in the last academical year. The University is generously supported by its internal partners below, in addition to the 'Named Awards' above:

  • Trinity College
  • The Newton Trust
  • Other Cambridge colleges

UK and EU applicants for MPhil/PhD (including EdD) will be automatically considered for CHESS (formerly DRS) if they have applied for admission by 10 January 2014. However applicants can indicate their interest to their Department/ Faculty by selecting the tick box on the GradSAF Section B. In February, the Student Registry will submit a list of all eligible candidates to the relevant departments/faculties. The first round of assessment happens at department level and departments nominate students to the competition, administered at the Student Registry.

It is important that you send in your supporting documentation as soon as possible after you have applied for admission online, because your application will not be processed by the department until this is received.

Eligibility for the Schemes

Note: Students who have obtained or expect to obtain a 'Masters-level' qualification, are not eligible for a CHESS Masters award. Students who have obtained a doctoral qualification are not eligible for CHESS support.


  • 'Home' fee status i.e. UK citizen (or equivalent) and resident
  • Or

  • 'EU' fee status i.e. EU citizen (or equivalent)

Awards Available

  • PhD (or equivalent) or
  • MPhil course that is 'research track' with the intention to continue to PhD.
    1. PhD (including EdD) full cost awards (UK residents)
    2. PhD fees-only award (EU residents)
    3. PhD half cost bursaries - holders of Research Council fees-only awards (EU residents)
    4. MPhil fees + bursary (UK residents)
    5. MPhil fees-only award (EU residents)

    Competition Timetable

    1. Students apply for admission by the deadline above (GRADSAF)
    2. Departments assess applications in February
    3. Departments nominate students to the Student Registry by late February (with a 'Statement of support' for each student)
    4. March - competition held at Student Registry across all subjects
    5. Start of April - successful students notified by Student Registry. If candidates have not received an offer by end April, they should assume that their application for a CHESS award has not been successful. However, second round offers may be offered subsequently as places become available.

We regret that we are not able to give feedback at any stage of the competition.