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The MPhil and MRes degree may be examined by thesis only or by the undertaking of a thesis in addition to formal 'sit-down' exams, coursework, projects, reports, seminars and essays.

The MPhil/MRes course administration team will ensure candidates know exactly what they need to do in order to undertake their course when candidates commence the course.

The Thesis

The thesis must be a connected account of work written by the candidate, and must comply with the General and Special Regulations for the particular MPhil/MRes programme.

Candidates need to submit two copies of the thesis in typescript and in durable binding with their name clearly marked on the front cover. They will need to include the following in the thesis:

  1. Title page containing Title, Name, College, Date (optional) and Declaration stating "This dissertation is submitted for the degree of Master of Philosophy."
  2. Declaration in Preface stating "This dissertation is the result of my own work and includes nothing which is the outcome of work done in collaboration except where specifically indicated in the text".
  3. Where appropriate, a Statement of Length saying that the dissertation does not exceed the word limit for the respective degree committee.

Word limits and more specific information about the requirements for the MPhil/MRes is available from the General and Special Regulations and listed under the specific MPhil/MRes programme.

The form in which the thesis is presented, and the care with which it has been prepared and illustrated, are in themselves evidence of the candidate's capabilities, and will receive consideration as such. Candidates are strongly advised to check their thesis carefully, prior to submission, for typing errors, spelling mistakes and poor English. The thesis, apart from quotations and recognised technical formulae, must be written in English.

Candidates may also submit with the thesis unconnected or unrelated work which has been published and may be considered by the examiners at their discretion.

Candidates will need to submit their theses to their degree committee by an agreed date and time. Please see the 'Dissertation Submission Arrangements' document below for submission details.