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If you have met the conditions of your offer and have a confirmed place at the University, you may find the information in these pages useful before you arrive.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to come to Cambridge until we have told you in a letter confirming your admission that we are satisfied with the evidence you have provided to meet the terms of your offer. If you have not already received our letter entitled 'Confirmation of Admission', it will be sent to you once we are satisfied that you have met the terms of your offer and you may use this letter to make arrangements to come to Cambridge.

If you are an overseas student and require a student visa to study in the UK, it is your responsibility as a student to apply for and obtain your visa in good time ahead of the commencement of your course. Even if you have been accepted by the University to commence a course, if you do not have a valid visa you are advised not to attempt to enter the UK. Further information can be found on the International Student Team web site.

Graduate Policy & Guidance

In addition to the information provided in this section, you should familiarise yourself with the 'Policy and Guidance' pages, as these will be a useful reference for you throughout your time at Cambridge. Ensure that you take particular note of the roles and responsibilities of you as a student, and the network of staff and groups within the University who will be able to provide different levels of support and advice to you.